Why should I choose a defragment program?

Defragmentation is really important for your system's optimization. As your hard disk may be badly fragmented in the course of time, it would eventually cause negative problems to your computer like system slowdowns, PC crashes, slow startup and shutdown; it would even shorten the disk life span. If you are a frequent computer user, then it is suggested to have a defragment program in your computer and keep it defragmented, as defragment program is an essential tool for maintaining & optimizing system performance.


What kind of benefit can I get from a defrag program.

A good defrag program is able to analyze the disk and clean up all the fragments found fast and completely. Generally speaking, you would experience the below benefits after using defrag program.

Enhance the efficiency of Windows operation system
Accelerate the launch time of programs
Improving the files access speed
Keep up the optimal speed across the network
Extend the hardware life span

Well, which one is the best defrag program?

Our test shows that Advanced Defrag is the best among those defrag programs in the market so far. Advanced Defrag is absolute easy to use and effective, it really handles the job well, from the defrag speed to the features in it are all very pleasant and user-friendly.


Comparison of the Top Five Defragmenter for February 2009
  Screen Shotl  Free
Defrag speed (60G disk partition) Ease-Of-Use Overall Rating Summary Website
1 Advanced Defrag Excellent
4 minutes
No experience needed
Top choice
Performs much better than other software that we tasted. Very easy to use, defrag completely and fast

2 xxx Very Good
6 minutes
Confusing options could have been better labeled
It can defrag almost all the fragments found with a fast speed.
3 xxx Good
7 minutes
Very Good
Designed for beginners and very easy to use
Defrag speed is acceptable, but lack of detailed defrag report
4 xxx Good
6.3 minutes
Harder to fully clean the computer
 Defrag fast but not complete enough.
5 xxx OK
10 minutes
You will probably need to consult the user guide
Defrag speed is acceptable, but there is always some fragment leftover.


Download Your Free Advanced Defrag - I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for software that will automatically degrag your computer hard disk. And don't forget to download your full function trail before you leave. Enjoy!


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