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I know, it sounds ridiculous!

As if there would be a new system of making money online that wasn?t already public knowledge, and wasn?t being utilised right now by millions of internet marketers and online gurus to make their fortunes?

Well, the truth is, this method is still very ?hush hush!? And only a select few know about it? and if you read on a little further, I?ll tell you why!

But before I do, let me introduce myself?

My name?s Chris and I?ve been involved with internet marketing for just over 3 years now.

During this time I?ve tried almost everything, from online gambling, investments and paid surveys, to software creation, affiliate marketing and (I hate to admit) I?ve even fallen for a few ?get-rich-quick? scams!

But the truth is, I wouldn?t change a thing about my journey, because it?s led me to a system that is, without doubt, the easiest, quickest, and most incredible method of sucking thousands of dollars from the internet in super-quick time...

In short, this is affiliate marketing - made easy!

And the best thing is, you won?t have to create a website, build a list, write any sales copy, or hope that enough people buy your product in order for you to make money!

In fact, as it?s based on the affiliate model, not one person has to buy anything from you in order for you to prosper with this system!


Well read on, because I?m going to explain everything to you? and I promise you that once you?ve finished reading this letter, you?re going to want a piece of the action too!

This is YOUR chance to gain access to the methods and techniques that I personally use to make thousands every single day?

?What a fantastic guide! I was wasting my time and money creating websites, building lists of customers and trying to SELL products. I had no idea that this system existed until I stumbled upon your website. It?s so much easier and more profitable than everything else I?ve ever done and I?ve already made $5,000, simply by using the advice laid out in CPA Arb. Thanks Chris.?

Justin Blake, Ontario, Canada

There is nothing easier, faster, more efficient, or lower risk than the system I?m about to reveal to you today?
The truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth?
As I?m sure you?re aware, there are many false claims and bogus courses being offered online these days. The internet is a fairly unregulated place where charlatans can happily exist alongside real, honest businesses, and it?s important that you know that what I?m telling you is very real...

I?m currently making more money through this system than I?ve made through all of my other ventures put together!

This is the REAL DEAL, and I don?t want you wasting any more of your time and money on useless online scams?

You know the ones I?m talking about; things like paid survey programs where they literally take your money and run, or ?revolutionary stock market software that can predict the future!?

No, that sort of dishonesty is not for me? and it?s not for you either.

Everything you?ll read here is true. I do make the money I claim, and this method is the best that I?ve seen during my time as an internet marketer?

If you?re still using ClickBank to earn money in affiliate commissions, you can pretty much stop now, because this is the future of affiliate marketing.

I also make money from selling my own products as well... which I will also show you how to do...


Still need convincing?

Well, take a look at the money I?ve made using ClickBank in the last 2 years - you may be surprised to know that as an affiliate I DON'T use ClickBank any more!!

Let me repeat that...

I don't use ClickBank anymore!! That's $191,240.84 in just 2 years and I DON'T want this income anymore - I have found something SO MUCH bigger and better.

Well, why would you want 50%, 60% or even 75% commissions when you can get 200% or even 300% commissions elsewhere?!

And the truth is, if you?re not making this sort of online income, then I suggest you carry on reading, because I?m going to show YOU how to do it too...

You see, what I?m offering you here cannot be over-estimated.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of a break-through system that's currently making a very small number of people incredibly rich? and incredibly happy too!

But this information isn?t readily available.

You see, in the world of internet marketing, there are VERY FEW people who know how to make BIG MONEY from this method. Yes, there are some ? and a few of them make even more money than I do!

But hardly any of the big players are willing to share their little secret, because they?re currently sitting on an absolute goldmine.

And when I first discovered this I could see why!!

Have a look below at an offer I ran in March. This is pretty typical of the offers that I run these days... it's super simple... All I did was to send some traffic to this offer over a 2-day period. The offer was a product priced at just under $50.00, yet when I made a sale I was paid $65.00!!

Now do you see why I'm not interested in 50%, 60% or even 75% commissions?!

That's $4,030.00 for just one offer and in just 3 days!

And if you look at the Earnings Per Click (EPC) above, you can see that I was pocketing $1.83 EVERY time I sent someone through to this offer...

And this means that I can spend up to $1.83 to get a visitor! Obviously, the less I spend, the more I make and the better the offer the more I make, but that's CPA Arbitrage in a nutshell - it's like trading, but you're trading traffic!

And we're also going to be showing you how to get FREE Traffic as well...

You can build lists for these offers, send your existing lists to these offers, send FREE Traffic to these offers, or you can send Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic to your offers... and just bank the difference...

And people are raking in the cash right now and they want to make the most of it - before everyone catches on!!

And that?s why they?re pretty pis*ed at me for wanting to reveal exactly how they do it!

That?s right, What I?m about to reveal is highly confidential. Yes, I am breaking the code of silence, and you?ll find out why in a minute...

But the big question is; why do I want to reveal a secret that?s currently making me rich?

Well, that?s a very important question, and one that I will answer fully a little further down the page? I promise!

But before I do, I want to explain a little more about the system I operate, and why it?s still only being used by a select few online marketers?

The simple reason for this is that most of the supposed ?gurus? out there are still teaching people how to SELL products? either as an affiliate or as the product owner.

You see, the internet is a product-driven marketplace, and a great deal of emphasis is currently being placed on product creation and sales. Virtually every online wealth-creation system that you?ll come across is based on selling something... where the customer has to enter their personal information, their credit card details and click on the order button!!
However, This System... CPA Arbitrage... Is VERY Different!
It?s NOT about selling products at all, and that?s why so few people are wise to it!

It?s about trading traffic!

Let me explain?

On one side you have the search engines that have billions of potential customers visiting their sites every single day. They are searching for very specific things - solutions to problems they have, information, entertainment, etc.

On the other side, you have large corporations who?ll happily pay YOU tons of money to get new customers. Sometimes they?ll even pay you for this traffic, or even just an e-mail address or zip code!

These huge corporations will pay ANYONE who sends people to their website... when they receive the desired action...

And here is where it gets VERY interesting.

Your job is simply to connect these ?searchers? with the large companies ? to buy the traffic at low prices, or even generate FREE traffic, and sell it on for massive profits?

This business technique is known as ?ARBITRAGE?... where you bank the difference between your advertising expenses and your income...

It's all about generating TARGETED TRAFFIC for companies.

It?s NOT about sales.

It?s NOT about getting people to purchase products.

Instead, it?s ALL about sitting in the middle and banking the difference? And this is how I make huge sums of money, each and every day!

And you?ll be doing exactly the same - very soon?


?A truly fantastic product, and a real eye opener. I hadn?t even heard of CPA before I read this guide, but I?m now using it to make more money in a month than I?ve managed to earn in one full year as an I.T. consultant. Brilliant stuff Chris. And thanks again.?

David Hernandez, Florida, US

The reason this works so well is that big companies have HUGE advertising budgets. And in order to grow and increase their profits, they need to find prospects who they can then advertise to and turn into buyers and customers.

They need "prospects" from as many different sources as possible and, if you've been looking at Internet Marketing for a short while now, you'll know that there are so many different ways to drive traffic and generate leads.

The big companies have just decided that it's better to pay other people to do this for them!

People like you and me, no less!

And it?s very easy to do. You don?t need an e-mail list, you don't need to know how to write or create sales copy, and you don't even need a website to start earning money...

So, if you want to continue with the painstaking process of creating e-books and advertising them at huge expense online, or paying designers to build websites to sell your products, or stocking inventory and paying staff to ship it, you can? That?s entirely up to you.

If you like hard work and small profits, then please, carry on!

But if you like to have a lot of spare time during the day to actually enjoy your life, and you want the kind of numbers that I'm talking about here, then this system is the way to go.

And that?s because huge multi-national corporations will pay millions of dollars each and every month to YOU? because they can afford it, and it?s crucial to their business to do so.

And it?s so, so easy!!

In short, big advertisers will pay you more for the traffic than it will cost YOU to get it. And that?s the key to it all?

Essentially, all you?re doing is buying the traffic for one price, or even generating FREE traffic, and then selling it on for a higher price.

And it can be done without writing a long sales letter, without having a website to develop and manage, without building an e-mail list, or even without having to deal with any customers!

It?s called CPA (or Cost-Per-Action) advertising, and it?s HUGELY profitable because it doesn?t even require the prospect to purchase anything in order for you to receive a commission.

Tell Me More?
OK, let?s take the example of a health food company so that you can understand how this concept works in a little more detail.

So, let?s say the health food company has a special lead-generating "offer" on their website.

This offer might be a discount coupon, a free gift, or possibly a free trial for one of their diet pills or slimming products, for example. It could be anything really.

The basic idea behind this method is that the company is trying to obtain more prospects (potential customers) by giving them something beneficial in return for submitting their details.

Now, in order to claim the free product, discount or free trial (whatever it may be), all the website visitor will need to do is enter their e-mail address, or possibly even just their zip code (the information required can change depending on what the company requires, but it?s often not much more than this).

Now then, think about this for a moment?

There is NO purchase required, NO inputting of credit card numbers and NO concrete decision needs to be made by the potential prospect.

So, all you have to do is point prospects towards these ?offers?, and all they have to do is type in their e-mail address, zip code, home telephone number, etc? and when they do, YOU GET PAID!

That?s the beauty of this system!

You only need to obtain some very basic information from the visitor in order to get paid - NOT generate a complete order!

And finding the most lucrative offers to promote is not particularly difficult either. In fact, it?s ridiculously easy, and that?s because you?ll use a middleman service to do it for you!

These are called CPA Networks? where CPA stands for Cost Per Action...

And I'm going to show you what networks to use and exactly what you need to do in order to get accepted by them?

So instead of you having to deal with the big companies yourself, in order to find profitable CPA offers, the CPA Networks will handle it all for you!








       How The CPA Networks Make YOUR Life Easier...

1.) They list all the companies involved on their own CPA Network, so you know which companies have CPA offers.
2.) They will let you know how much each company will pay you for a completed offer...
3.) Their ?Account Managers? will locate the best offers for you... and will even tip you off on the best converting or any increased payouts!
4.) They will set you up with your own personal affiliate link, so that every time a prospect visits a website via your link and completes an action, you get paid!
5.) They handle everything for you, from getting the money from the companies, to sending you your checks!
And the best thing is, you don?t have to pay these CPA Networks a penny! Instead, the big companies pay the networks for bringing them affiliates, like you.

The companies are happy, because they get their customers, the network is happy (because they obviously take a cut on the action) and you are happy because you have made CPA Arbitrage money!!

Now then, how does this business concept sound to you?

Amazing isn?t it?!

And don?t worry that it sounds ?too good to be true? or anything like that, because it?s VERY REAL. There are people online right now doing nothing but sending traffic to big companies such as Ikea, and netting a nice little profit, each and every day because of it...

And how do I know this?

Yes, that?s right? Because I?m one of them!

And as I said earlier, the main reason why my system is so profitable, valuable, and a clear step forward from traditional affiliate marketing, is that you DON?T NEED to get the customer to buy anything in order to receive commissions.

Instead, big companies pay you for every ?action? that occurs.

And this action only needs to be something very simple, like a prospect entering their e-mail address, telephone number, or even their zip code...

And you get paid every single time, for every lead you generate for the company.

Pretty simple hey?!

?Hey Chris! I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and guidance and for showing me what this system was all about. This is the best and most cost-effective system that I?ve come across in my 12 years as an internet marketer. I now know that the big bucks is in lead generation, not selling products. If only I?d found this out sooner!?

Tim Vickery, Ohio, US

ANYONE can use the system?
and I really mean ANYONE!
This system will show you exactly where to go, what to do and how to do it, so that you?ll be making huge commissions in no time at all. And don?t worry if you don?t have any experience when it comes to internet marketing and making money online...

The fact of the matter is:
You don't need to create your own website...
You don't need to create a product!
You don?t need to build a list of customers...
There is ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING involved!
You don?t have to keep stock...
You don?t have to handle shipping, because there?s nothing to ship!
You don?t have to deal with customers, at all...
And no experience is necessary!

In fact, this is so easy, it's almost like time-travelling back to the days when Google AdWords would allow you to put up a simple web page, build a list and sell anything you wanted...


It was so simple - you could build a list within days, sell products in your sleep and you could do this within weeks of starting...

No problem....

And I should know, because when I first started online, this was exactly what I did and exactly what I showed other people to do as well... How to use Google AdWords to extract money from the Internet...

But... I don't do this anymore... just like I don't use ClickBank as an affiliate anymore... and I certainly don't teach it...

What I do now is like Google AdWords - BUT 3 years ago!

Introducing: CPA Arbitrage
Affiliate Marketing Just Got Easier!








Why CPA is SO MUCH MORE PROFITABLE than traditional affiliate marketing...
How to get accepted onto any CPA network and start making money immediately!
REVEALED: The TOP 5 CPA Networks ? Don?t waste your time searching for the best networks. They?re all here!
Which CPA offers you should be choosing if you want to make big money...
My Top 5 CPA promotional methods ? find out the best ways to drive traffic to your offers
Now then, maybe you?ve tried affiliate marketing before, maybe you're tried selling your own products online, maybe you've tried using Google AdWords, or maybe you've even heard of CPA offers before, and maybe you haven?t?
The bottom line is this?

Trying to sell
products simply cannot come close to CPA Arbitrage? if you know what you're doing.

And when you?ve finished reading CPA Arbitrage, you will know exactly what you're doing!

I'm going to give you the very basics in the workbook and then I'm going to show you the 2 money-getting CPA models that I use to make hundreds of thousands each and every month...

The Cost Per Sale (cps) model and the Cost Per Lead (cpl) model.

You'll see me - talking live at a behind-closed-doors event... detailing EXACTLY how I make this work - to the tune of thousands each and every day!

And you'll also get the chance to follow me - around the world - as I talk about the latest campaigns, most profitable methods AND the stuff that we're doing RIGHT NOW to extract money from the CPA Networks...

CPA Arbitrage
LIVE Videos...










The Cost Per Lead model - list-building on steroids - and how we get 7,000 - 8,000 leads EVERY DAY!
How to make sure you 'hook up' your sales funnel to make the most of EVERY lead...
Why it PAYS to lose money in order to acquire a customer... and how you can control the number of customers you get - and why you might even have to TURN CUSTOMERS AWAY!
The importance of the UPSELL process... and how to monetize YOUR list to the max...
How to track which leads are paying and which leads are costing you money... and why you MUST be doing this if you want to make cpl work!



How Many CPA Offers Should I Run?

Well, to use an old saying, the sky really is the limit, and that?s because there?s literally no restriction on the amount of CPA networks you can register with. And as a result, there?s no limit to the amount of CPA offers you can get involved with and run... and how much commission you can earn!

You see, I don?t make $25,000+ per day from one traffic source, one CPA Marketing technique, or one company.

Oh No!

And I don?t make this sort of money from just one CPA Network either.

The fact is, I?m able to make such huge sums of money per day, per week, per month and per year, because I?m simultaneously promoting multiple CPA offers, from multiple companies, and in multiple markets...

Obviously, I started with one campaign, made it work... and then simply cranked it up and added more and more campaigns... and this has just made me more and more money!

And that?s precisely what I will be showing YOU to do in CPA Arbitrage!


?Hey Chris, I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for getting me started with CPA Arbitrage. This is truly fantastic and I?m so glad I met you. This is so far ahead of everything else that?s out there, I?m not even going to waste my time on my old affiliate business anymore. This is the way forward. Cheers?

Mike Watkins, London, UK
Been There, Done That, Bought the T-Shirt...
I?ve been around for a few years now, and I?ve seen A LOT of ?revolutionary? ideas that promise to turn the internet marketing industry upside down! I?ve heard a lot of ?big talk? and I?ve seen a lot of online systems crash and burn.

I've started up multiple businesses during this time? I?ve sold products in many different niche markets and I've also sold products and services for as much as $8,000... in industries such as health, biz opp and skin care.

I?ve gathered a huge amount of experience and knowledge in this time, and I can honestly say that in terms of ease of use, speed of returns and income potential, nothing comes even remotely close to the business model that?s sitting before you right now.

And I was using Google AdWords more than 3 years ago!

Millions of people, every single day, are performing internet searches, and this is your opportunity to tap into that customer base.

In fact, this is really why my system generates so much cash, because people are looking for the things that we are offering...

And remember, you are NOT selling!

Maybe it's a free trial, or just a name and e-mail submit... but you can be receiving up to 300% in commissions each and every time (this is the most I have ever achieved by the way!!)

Your job is merely to match those people searching with the correct offers... and when you do this correctly this means more traffic for you, and more money in your pocket... which is what it's all about - RIGHT!

Your pocket...

Your Very Own Route to Riches...
I remember what it was like when I made my first $1,000 in a single day? And then $5,000, followed by $10,000 and so on. The feeling was incredible, and I want you to experience the same buzz of excitement and pride.

And that brings me back to a point I raised earlier?

And that point was this: why do I want to reveal a secret that?s currently making me rich?

Well, here?s the answer?

I want to find as many affiliates as I can right now...
for the offers that I'm personally running... and I also want to find some Joint Venture partners that I can work with over the long-term as well... where it?s a win/win situation for both of us!

BUT? as you may remember from the beginning of this letter, I also said that ONLY the first 200 people to purchase CPA Arbitrage would receive a special bonus?

Well, this special bonus is access to my CPA Network VIP Members? area!

And what this means is that this lucky 200 people will receive priority access to the biggest, best, and most profitable CPA offers on the market, offers that won?t be available to anyone else.

I?ve made a decision to keep the very best offers locked away, so that only my most valued customers can profit from them. This is because I want to reward those who are committed to the system and those who take decisive action.

So, if you?re quick and you?re one of the first 200 people to purchase CPA Arbitrage, big commissions will be coming your way very soon!

Only 200, 150, 100, 67 places are now remaining...

So I?d advise you to be quick, or you?ll run the risk of missing out on some of the most lucrative CPA offers on the internet?

Grab Your Chance Now? Before IT?S TOO LATE!
CPA Arbitrage
Affiliate Marketing Just Got Easier!









How I make a huge amount of money, without a product to sell, without needing to write sales copy, and without having to create a list!
The Killer strategies that you can use to explode your affiliate commissions day after day...
How to locate the most lucrative offers that will skyrocket your profits!
The most explosive CPA secrets that only the top 2% know about?
REVEALED: How to snap-up targeted and RARE keywords that are already receiving quality traffic, giving you a nice head-start!
How to boost your conversion rates by up to 30-50%!
The best FREE tools that ALWAYS prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle for struggling affiliates...
So... are you ready to join the CPA Arbitrage team?
The truth is, it?s taken me years of work, and cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars to figure out this system? And you?re about to learn exactly how I to do it ? right now!!

You've seen that it works, you've seen that my techniques are genuine, and you know that I'm not another corporation set out to take your money!

Take the path to riches today... Learn everything that I've learnt and change your life for the better with CPA Arbitrage...

Think about it...

Would you want to learn from a large company who doesn't offer any real support and is simply out to take your money?

Or would you rather learn from somebody who's on your level and knows EXACTLY what YOU need.

You Decide!
Whether you're currently trying to start your own online business, frustrated by your monotonous 9-5 life, or simply fed up with internet scams trying to rip us all off, I want you to take a serious look at this...

Because quite simply - IT WORKS!

"Take This Opportunity To Do Something Really Positive With Your Life? Like You've Never Done Before..."

And what?s more, if you?re not completely satisfied with your purchase of CPA Arbitrage, you can take advantage of the following:









My 8 WEEK RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee...

"You can take a full 8 WEEKS to check out CPA Arbitrage. If you are not happy in any way with the secret strategies and techniques that you'll be shown, then I will refund all of your money.

I?m assuming all of the risk? so that YOU have plenty of time to put your own CPA system into action and change your life forever.

I?ve decided to give you this 8 WEEK RISK FREE period because there is SO MUCH life-changing information within CPA Arbitrage that I want to give you plenty of time to digest it all, put it into action and experiment with my many different techniques.

Remember, you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE...

This Is Your Moment ?
Your Chance To Change Your Life Completely...
Don?t Throw It Away!!








If you are ordering today, before midnight...

You will ONLY pay $77.00

** This offer and this price may change at any time **

No B.S price reduction, no exit chat and discount, no list of bonuses. This is it... This price, right now - take it or leave it... and you can access CPA Arbitrage immediately...


Best Wishes,

Chris Cobb

P.S. You're just one click away, and a few minutes away, from discovering exactly how I'm able to make huge amounts of money with no product, no list, and even no sales copy!

P.P.S This is the lowest price that CPA Arbitrage will EVER be offered at so you need to act fast as I will have to raise the price VERY SOON? Also, make sure you don?t miss out on my special bonus! Remember, the first 200, 150, 100, 67 people to sign up will receive priority access to the very best CPA offers as members of my CPA Network?s VIP list. DON?T MISS OUT!

P.P.P.S You may still be a little skeptical about all that you've just read and you may also have some questions that I've been unable to answer. That's totally understandable.

Please remember that you're fully backed by my 56 DAY RISK FREE Guarantee?
You risk absolutely nothing.

OK, I do have a FAST ACTION BONUS...

If you order right now, I will include my special BONUS on using the AdWords CONTENT NETWORK! It's short, sweet, to the point... and it's pure dynamite!


Join My Affiliate Program   Questions: chris at cpa-arbitrage.net

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