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Unsolicited Client Testimonials

Completely unsolicited by people just like you!!!

This is my favorite section. These are all 100% real, unsolicited testimonials. These are the kind of emails I get all the time.

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Iain M. 6/9/2009. Dear Clint, Hello from country Victoria Australia. I am writing to you to say how impressed I am at the detail of your  package, and how very reasonable your price was. I think that this purchase will probably rate as the best thing I have ever bought on the internet, bar none! I remember clicking on the send button when I was filling out my details and authorizing the payment, thinking I hope this is for real... Well now I've read the ebook and am preparing to re read it to apply it to my own circumstances I'm convinced. and all the extras, the value for money is huge. You have supplied me with something that I've been needing for years. I only recently managed to write up a complete family budget this year, but that didn't tell me how to pay off my bills. Your program is the perfect companion. I want to go on and on but I won't. However I want you to know this. I only bought your program from you because it was listed at a web site that I already trusted. Really, that was my lucky break. Because I can see applying the content you have supplied to me will save me unknown amounts of money in the future. Thanks again, and all the best. 

Danny M. 5/2/2009. It's been awhile since I've downloaded the Debt-Free-in-Three eBook. In fact, you have my initial testimony listed on 6/13/2005. At that time I was over $280,000 in debt. I wish that I could say that I was 100% focused on using the outstanding debt elimination program that you've developed. Unfortunately, I wasn't. However, because I experienced success with eliminating debt by using your program, I finally returned to the program in January 2008. Today, I'm just three payments away from only having my mortgage to pay, which will be paid off in four years rather 22 years. I want you to know that I'm 100% focused and I'm here to stay, as I will be totally debt free in 2013.

Michelle R. 11/14/2008. I absolutely love the Debt Free In About 3!  I was finally able to plug in the information necessary and it makes so much sense.  My credit rating is currently above 720 and I am determined to pay back all my credit cards in full.  It was interesting to find that my current vehicle loan is very favorable and with some digging I also found that some of my "lower" rate credit cards have increased because the time period has lapsed.   This just shows how easy it is to get yourself in trouble.  One year at a low rate does not always mean it's a good deal!  Again, thank you so much.  The information I have learned and the fact that I was forced to sit down and REALLY look at my finacial picture was worth the initial price. 
I will definitely be telling others about this! 

Linda D. 11/12/2008. Hi Clint, It took me a minute but I figured it out!  I am soooo happy.  We have $15,826 in credit card debt and will have it paid off in 24 months or less!  Thank you so much for all your help!  Take care and God bless!

Teresa N. 9/30/2008. Hi Clint, according to your CMR plan ? I should have these paid off in about 9 months anyway!  How cool is that!! ? My start date is today so wish me luck Kind regards

Kika P. 9/28/2008. I am just so happy and excited that when I downloaded  ur ebook ,I read my thoughts. I am a compulsive spender and the only way to cut debts is ur way. I will keep spending my money,but instead of getting in more debt ,I will eventually come out of it.

Ricky B. 9/10/2008. Dear Clint                                                                            Your book is truly amazing , Fired up about getting out of Debt.     
According to the Transforming debt into wealth debt elimination software it will take 7 years and 2 months, but your program seems to have much more to offer once I eliminate the first three debts. In which I am working on now and the options it gives. Great information in this day and hour.

Joan P. 7/15/2008. Thank you for taking the time to develop a system that has and undoubtedly will continue to help families get in control of their finances!

Melissa S. 5/10/2008. Hi Clint, I just wanted to tell you my exciting news. Since having your debt free in three system, I have managed to pay off all of one of my debts ahead of time!!

Sergei I. 3/19/2008. I thank you for your innovative product.

Penny H. 3/4/2008. Your plan really sounds great and I have already started planning how to make it happen.  We are not seriously in debt but want to pay off a car and our home mortgage.  With your plan it looks like it could be possible in 4 - 5 years.  WOW  this is great.  What a motivational tool this is for me. Thanks again

Joseph 1/17/2008. My wife and I have already started using the plan. It is terrific! We have started paying off three bills. Of course these are our smaller bills. WE could not believe how this works. My wife was ready to get it off the ground, but I was still a little skeptical. Once we put everything into place it was great to see. It actually showed us how much money was there. We could not see that before. Bills were everywhere and so were we. At first pay period I wanted to get off track, but my wife insisted we stick with it. I see where we are going now and am really excited about it. If this is used as a testimonial, please use first name only. Thanks. We have 4 more bills to go before we reach our mortgage payment. thanks again

Phyllis A. 1/3/2008. Hi Clint: Thanks for your system and ALSO for TRULY caring for the American people in the fight to beat this thing called Debt!  You are the first person that I have found that is genuine, and is not out to "rip off" people with some mumbo jumbo crap that I have wasted a lot of money on with buying their products.  Keep up the fight!  Cant wait to get the software!

Simon S. 1/2/2008. Your manual is great and worth every penny of what you charge!

Steve F. 8/6/2007. Hello Clint,I just wanted to say a big thank-you. I followed the plan and ended up debt free -- 3 months ahead of schedule! And even before the debt-knife software release. Just goes to show that the plan works, and all I needed was the book. I used the spreadsheet provided, and I am sure the debt knife software will act as an enhancement to the plan.What a great feeling to be a free person again, let me tell you!!! Thanks for everything and you have my permission to use this testimonial if you want to, for as long as you want. My only request is not to publish my last name, just use my first if you do. Thanks again, and I wish you and your family massive happiness, health, and wealth. All the best.

Vickie N. 7/18/2007. Clint: Maybe it's the southern hospitality that's in your dna.....(I am from NC), but you really are generous and kind with what you deliver!  I finally see hope.  I can honestly see that I will retire debt-free if I just stay focused.  Thank you so very, very much.  I wish we had more people on this earth like yourself, who are willing to help their fellow human beings. This world is a giant classroom, and we aren't born knowing everything. We MUST learn from one another.  Thanks!

Jesse K. 5/29/2007. Hi Clint, Just wanted to say I tried your Excel spreadsheet and it has me excited!  Ya know, I have heard this technique long ago but had forgotten about it since I was younger and did not have much debt.  Thanks for reminding me!  It will really help. Thanks again, Jesse

Jean R. 5/23/2007. Hi Clint - We haven't even started on your program (although we have read it) and we realized you have missed one very important feature - a gift certificate! We are so impressed we would like to send our daughter a program as well.  Thanks, Jean

Melissa K. 5/20/2007. Hi Clint, I just wanted to let you know I looked over your program and I am sold on it.  To tell you the truth I've prayed for help, and my friend saw you ad and sent it to me.  I am single, and am on disability retirement, along with SSD.  I need help!  I can still see daylight, but I want to feel freedom from debt, before it gets too overwhelming. I want to thank you in advance, and believe me, I will be asking for you help along the way!!!!!!!

Charles K. 5/3/2007. I have joined Debt Free In Three and I will definitely be recommending your program to others. 

Lauri C. 4/20/2007. I am really excited about your program.  I've paid for many things over the internet and on infomercials over the years, and this one sure appears to potentially reap the results I'm looking for.

Nancy Y. 4/4/2007. Hi, Clint! I love your book, think it is genius and may need help with Excel!  My husband and I have all separate credit card accounts, most all maxxed out after owning two houses for over 1 1/2 years.  I am going to run the first through your suggested website. Thanks for your program, and believe me, if I need help, I will holler!

June P. 3/23/2007. Over a year ago, I ordered your debt-free-in-three system. I love your system, we had 10,000 in credit card debt and it is paid off. Thank-you.

Kristi W. 1/11/2007. So far, I'm very impressed.  I have not gotten very far yet, but have begun to enter in balances owed, and will be getting to my mortgage info soon. My hub and I are trying to start really working together, it's always been one or the other of us, and that's very hard because one doesn't see the REAL picture... and it's hard on the other. So far, I think you are the real deal.  It's hard not to be skeptical with all the scams out there.  But I'm so far seeing some very sincere help here. I thank you for that.

Carolyn A. 12/28/2006. Hi Clint: My name is Carolyn and I am one of your clients.I just paid off one credit card and am working the plan on the second one.  I also refinanced my house and got a fixed rate of 6.75 per cent.  My first payment is Feb. 2007.  Thank you so very much and God bless. 

Sallie S. 8/31/2006. Dear Mr Holland, I am writing to Thank You for a program that is everything that you advertized and some more.  There is so much more that I can do with this.  I can use it as a savings plan. For example, If I need a down payment for a car a year from now I would put the down payment in as a debt and in a year I  should have that money( I think this would work.)  I have already learned so much from the bonus e-books. I am really excited about the new software thats being developed. Again, Thank You for being an honest person.

Natalie E. 8/3/2006. I think you are amazing!  And I am telling ALL my friends about you.  I can't believe the personal attention you have given to my case and I am so deeply thankful for it.   Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you very abundantly.

Jo Owens 7/11/2006. I am really impressed with the program that I purchased from you. I have studied up a lot on this but feel you can always learn. I believe your program is one of the best....I have not finished reading all of it but like what I have read so far.

Amie P. 7/7/2006. First of all let me thank you for your most gracious system. It will really work and I can definitely see the benefit.

Darlene Wood 7/5/2006. Thank you!  This is great.  I am certain I can speed up the process for an earlier "freedom date!"  I appreciate you and your great program.

Manna T . 6/6/2006. Thanks for your advice.  I have tried some of your ideas. Thanks a lot for your help and most of all you CARE.  I really apprecaite it.  Thanks.God Bless.

Lois W. 5/28/2006. Dear Clint, Some time ago I purchased your "Debt-Free in Three" Program, and I just wanted to give you an update.  I am not out of debt..........Yet.  But I am making progress.  I took a couple of the steps you suggested, and voilla!   It works!   Just wanted you to  know. I also wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Steve G Jones self-hypnosis CD.  So much so that I actually ordered some of his other CD's for myself and my sister. Is the new software ready yet?   I can't wait to see/hear it.  Please put me on the top of your list to receive it, when it becomes available. 

Kelly Martin 5/1/2006. Hi Clint: Things are going very well.  It is amazing, the other day I paid a Mastercard $600....and it felt so good to be in control of the situation.  I really see the end of the tunnel.  But the good thing is that it is rewarding RIGHT NOW!  I'm turning my credit rating around, preparing for the future, and not frozen by the fear of this debt.  Looking forward to the Debt knife software.

Jesse Whiteman 4/24/2006. Clint, I have read the booklet (I found the material very easy to
understand) and my wife and I are in the process of setting up and implementing our Debt Free action plan. Thanks for the follow-up! Regards.

Paul Murphy 4/6/2006. Hi Clint, I,ve just started to put together my debt numbers in between my busy schedule. For starters I want to thank you for all your continued efforts and for helping me feel confident that I finally will have a true proactive way to get the financial monkey off my back. I thank you for the quality person you without question are and I look forward to a debt free future. With best regards

Darlene Wood 3/7/2006. I'm getting started and am excited to feel there is a way out of debt and into the life I want with my kids.  Thanks.

Lew Ibaugh 2/25/2006. Hi Clint: Thank you for helping me out. I have access now with no problem.
I really liked the book I downloaded this afternoon. I can't believe how much personal support you have given us already. Once again, thanks for your help today.

Kimberly Brown 1/27/2006. Thanks for the periodic emails, it does makes this more personal. I have set my start date for February 24th and am starting w/the car I just bought. With your program I should have it paid off in 20 months.
It almost sounds surreal but I have my budget set for the entire year and it's more than achievable. I am glad I purchased the program and truly hope this will get me back on track.

Janice Hawley 1/19/2006. Bless you Clint for sticking with me! This makes great sense. Now to make it work, am going to do my best. Thank you again.

Jennifer Barnhart 1/18/2006. Thanks Clint-- I just thought we could knock out the $30,000 within a few years if it was our only bill. I love your book, I think this is an amazing value w/ all of your one on one consultation-- I will let you know our progress--thank you!

Barbara Hutton 1/17/2006. Hi Clint. Sometimes credit can be your friend, you know, like a rambunctious puppy... you have to discipline it well and keep it on a very short leash! ;-) I have worked the spreadsheet and found that I might be debt free in about 11yrs (based on my current wage) - that's mortgage and everything. I just bought a house so I never imagined that I'd get out of debt in just 3 years (I'm not completely delusional). I think 11yr against a 30yr mortgage is pretty darn good. I figure I'll have to re-work the numbers every time I get a raise, bonus or tax return. Right? Have a great day!

John D. 1/15/2006. This plan looks very good! Thanks so much for working it up for me. It rasied a few questions but I think the Debt Knife software is going to give me all the information I need. I am looking forward to it! I am very excited about Debt Free in Three. Its going to change my life and the way I spend money forever.

Kelly Schuch 1/9/2006. I just wanted to email you about my feelings so far.  I read over it last week and took it home to my husband.  It does make so much sense and honestly for the first time, it looks like there may be a way out of the hole we've dug for ourselves.  For a long time, I've been feeling like I was sorry I went to college, cuz I had no hope of paying my loans back.  I've been paying them off for about ten years and I've only paid off about $2,000 worth.  I owe a lot.  But, for the first time my husband is talking about quitting smoking (he will be visiting the website).  You have no idea what a big deal that is.  I quit two years ago myself, so I know how hard it is.  But just the fact that's he talking about it and the fact that I can finally see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, just makes me so excited.  Our lives don't have to suck forever!!  Plus, the thought of giving our daughter a better future makes me so happy, I can't even express it in words.

Henry Tanner 12/14/2005. - Hi Clint,Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I've been working some long hours. I finished reviewing the material and am very anxious to get moving on my path to becoming debt free. The material I reviewed was extremely helpful. The pending software will be the icing on the cake. Thanks for offering a way out!

Patti Hutchins 12/4/2005. - I just finished off paying off my first bill using your plan, I've got three more to go then the mortgage. It's simple and I wish I'd thought of it myself!

Mary Hogan 11/26/2005. - Dear Clint, I just downloaded your program this weekend. I'm really excited because if I work really hard I can be out of debt in 2 years (23 months to be exact!) which is really hard to believe. It seems like I have been in debt for so long I'm almost afraid to think that this will work. I hope that I haven't forgotten something important but as it stands now everything looks good. I'm also excited about all of the things that are happening with the program. I can hardly wait. Hope to hear from you on the other phases as soon as they are released.

George Andrews 11/10/2005. - Wow, I received your book and am very anxious to get going with it. I began reading it today and it's excellent. I'm going to finish reading it through and can't wait to start applying your principals.Then I received your below email with all of your new things that you are making available free because I bought your book. I can't even begin to thank you enough for this. Your generosity is incredible.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Sandy Finseth 11/1/2005. - Dear Clint, Over the weekend I purchased and read your e-book, and I wanted to thank you for some good, common-sense advice.....and for your sincere efforts to help others. Only good can come from that! Since I feel that you have already provided information and tools that are a good value for their purchase price, I am totally amazed at all the good things you describe as yet to come! But I am especially glad to hear that you are going to include a reminder system to help us keep on track.

Marilyn Thompkins 7/29/2005. - Clint,sorry for not getting back to you sooner .I gave a copy of your email to my husband and we are starting to try to implement your suggestions.I want to thank you so much for all the time and trouble you put into helping me/us.

Carlos Nunez 6/30/2005. - I'm beginning the program in August when my wife goes back to work full-time , she's been on maternity leave. The program sounds easy enough and it has given me a renewed sense of hope. My longterm debts are my mortgage and about $45,000 in credit cards. I will be applying your strategy to those debts. Thanks again.

Ann Lancaster 6/23/2005. - Thanks for inquiring about me. I am in the process of getting the figures together and I will probably have some questions about this program. I will say that this seems the best that I have read or heard about to get out of debt. Thanks for this information.

Willis Stover 6/15/2005. - I purchased your product for my daughter. She is a single mom and has $18k in credit card debt and $1k in hospital debt. Your spreadsheet sure simplified getting control of your debts. We plan on utilizing the model in August after we pay off about half of the high interest debts. Then we will begin paying them off with a fixed monthly amount.

Danny Murphy 6/13/2005. - Hi Clint, What a pleasant surprise? I've purchased items over the net before, but this is the first time that I had someone to follow up to see how things are coming along. I'm truly impressed. Yes, I've read through the material. In fact, I'm in the process of reading through it again. I'm away on vacation. I'll be returning on tomorrow. I'll be able to print the material at that time. I'll be in touch. Peace and Blessings,

Phyllis Cudney 6/10/2005. - Hi Clint!  Well, thank goodness, I believe I am on my way to solving the debt deliminia!!  Don't know why I didn't think of it, sounds so easy, so have begun and will stick with it for sure.  Thanks Phyllis

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