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"Thank you for the tutorials. They were very helpful. In fact, I have gotten so good now that Walgreen's stopped printing my photographs saying that they look too professional and I need a photographer's release form."


"....As somebody striving to become a self-employed digital photographer, ...I found this to be a perfect alternative, with some stunning results."
~B Moir

"I had to write to say how great the videos are!!!...Oh boy, do you make extractions easy! Thank you! I think your way is much smarter than chromakey, it avoids all the yucky green reflections & spill on the model that make them look sick."

~Elizabeth P

"The tutorial on extracting an image including wispy hair is awesome! I have asked three "pros" how this can be done. I was told, respectively "It's very difficult"; "That's a job for graphic designers"; and finally "You can do it, but you'll have to buy a graphics tablet and it will take you hours".

~Ken Byrne, Melbourne, Australia


"I just purchased your tutorials a few days ago and just had to share this story with you. I have enclosed my "success" picture for you to see.  It is my first attempt at using your techniques to extract a subject from a background. (As you can see, the female has the wispy hair which is so very troublesome.)

Anyway, when I got done with the photo, I uploaded it (along with a few others I did) to a local Walgreen's, as I was anxious to see how they looked printed off.

About fifteen minutes after I did so, they called me to tell me that they could not print my photos off because they were PROFESSIONAL!!!!
I was so flattered, but explained that I had done the pictures in Photoshop. The woman on the phone with doubt in her voice said, "Photoshop?"  Then she proceeded to tell me that I would have to sign a waiver saying that they were not PROFESSIONAL photos.

I just want to THANK YOU again for helping someone like me learn such valuable techniques. They really work!  I hope you will share more of your knowledge with us in the future.  I really enjoy the way you explain yourself in your tutorials so easily! You're the BEST!!!!
Thanks again."

~Gloria P.

"I am a bilingual social studies teacher and I take pictures as a hobby. I take hundreds of photos all over the High School where I work. You see I kind of help with the yearbook. I had been working with backdrops but was stuck with the hair problem. Some of my students would complain because I was cutting their hair or redoing it....cause I couldn't find a way to fix it. You came just in time to remedy my problem and I personally want to thank you for making things very and I mean very easy to follow on your tutorials ...specially the hair. Ha-ha! I had to laugh. I hope to someday be able to teach the basics and who knows perhaps and intermediate class for my high school students. By the way they love the penciling effect photos and they can't believe when I tell them how easy it is to do. Of course thanks to YOU! Now I have all my wall, in school, full of photos and I mean gooood looking portraits. I wish you the best and hope you can come up with more of your excellent tutorials. Please let me know as soon as something else comes up. I will be your number one customer. By the way, now I am truly beginning to pay more attention to PHOTOSHOP...I used to be very aggravated with it. I'm dedicating about 2 or 3 hours per day to it. I can at least see a finished product now!!!"

~F Montes

"I just used the information found in your e-book, "How To Make Your Own Digital Backgrounds" for the first time. Wow! This is the exact tool I have been looking for at just the right time. I have been doing portrait photography (amateur) for many years now, and am learning to use Photoshop 7. I have many portraits whose backgrounds just didn't look right. With your information, I am now able to construct perfect backgrounds for all my digital photos. Many thanks for the e-book. It is well worth the purchase price!"

~K McIntire

"You're right it took me less than five minutes to go through the process. I am new to digital imaging especially using Photoshop so a step by step procedure (meaning what key to press) is really helpful. The procedure is concise and to the point. It doesn't stray like other procedural books that I have read."

~R Racelis

"First of all let me say what a fantastic video, a very informative film with very clear and precise instructions so even a novice Photoshop user like me had no trouble hiding it. I had seen the extract method before but your explanation as you carried out the task and method I thought was brilliant, and a lot easier to follow than just a plain old tutorial.

Your digital backdrops methods are second to none, after spending 5 minutes quickly running through your detailed instructions, I had created a digital backdrop, with hotspot. Now at leisure I can make any colors I want without having to go through the process again, although it doesn't really matter as a matter of 5 minutes and you can create a whole new one.

As somebody striving to become a self employed digital photographer, but not too excited about spending large amounts of money on muslin backdrops etc and portrait background, I found this to be a perfect alternative, with some stunning results."

~B Moir

" Although I was a little wary about ordering something what I've already learn how to make backgrounds to look more like studio. But your video is worth every penny. I have had to work more time trying to make my cutout not to look pasted. You really have cut my time way less than I expected. Thank you for putting light on that subject and I called it "one of my $1000 secret tips!" LOL. People asked how I do it and I just zip my lips seal. Once again, thank you!"


"I love your process for making digital backgrounds! It's much easier than others I've seen. I'm able to create one in about 1 minute. Whereas, by doing the other way I've been taught, I would spend almost 10 minutes (that doesn't include the time it takes to remember how to do it)."

~J Wilson

"I have just read your E-book on how to create digital backdrops... It is well laid out, and I found the instructions easy to follow... I use Adobe CS and all the steps worked as described...

I found this E-book to be a very informative and sound basis for creating quick and professional looking backdrops... Please inform me if you produce any more in the series..."

~K McDonald

"I just completed the tutorial. I found it to be a very good trick. It is all that is advertised. I used PS CS, but had no trouble with the instructions. I very much like all the short cuts you added, this is what makes it go so fast..."

~J. M.

"I want to tell you that these videos are fabulous.  I concur that I have had Adobe 7 for four years and couldn't tell the tail from the head even until today.  Your tutorials lessons have made me feel like a genius in about an hour.  Thank you for your ability to relate these tools and how they operate in the simplest form possible."

~Stan H

"I've been using your digital enhancement tutorials since I received them yesterday and love them! You did a wonderful job narrating them and I look forward to seeing more! Please be sure to put my name on your mailing list.

~Rebecca P

 "I do have to say that these videos are an exceptional tool that I could never find anywhere else!! Anyone who intends on using Photoshop should strongly consider investing in your videos. You definitely get straight to the point and speak in layman's terms. You can't beat the cost of the videos, either. The videos pay for themselves just after the first couple of satisfied clients. You actually spell it out better than the "Photoshop for Dummies" books. I love that you are directed for the portrait photographer! The books and manuals cover to broad of a spectrum. I just can't express my gratitude enough.

~Christine K

"I just wanted to say how much I love these videos. I have had Photoshop for awhile and had no idea how to really use it. Now I can do some really neat things. Thank you so much for making it so easy. It was worth every penny."

~Barb W

 "How do I say thank you? I am trying to open a small studio in my home. I have not felt like I was ready to advertise although others like my portraits. Now I feel as though I am ready to begin on my journey. Please let me know when you have additional tutorials. It was well worth the money and I enjoyed learning from you. I have read books on Photoshop but did not learn from them the things you have taught. God bless and may you have great success.
Thanks again,"


 "I just wanted to let you know something. Your tutorial was the single best Photoshop lesson I have ever had. It was simple, to the point, easy to understand and just awesome. I truly hope you will do more videos exploring more ways to use Photoshop with photos. I have seen too many that focus on graphics and not enough on photos. Yours was exactly what I was looking for and more. And please, if you come out with ANY new videos, I would LOVE to get an email as I will be one of the first to buy it.
Thanks Again,"


 "I love the videos that you have done, They have helped me more than you could know. I would like to know if you are going to be doing some more, I hope you are considering more.... I know there are many people who feel like I do... Your videos are by far the best....Thank you for helping people like myself."


"Fabian... You're the BEST! I am a VERY big fan. Please let me know if you make more...I want them ALL. I learn from you better than anyone I've ever been taught from."

~Jennifer G

 "Fabian...You are a legend, keep up the good work."

~Ian O

"Fabian...I LOVE your new videos!!!  They are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!  I learned what I learned up to now from trial and error and a few online tutorials here and there.  But your video tips are very well organized, EASY to follow, and each had something new for me to add to my photo editing toolbox.  The next best thing about your tips is that they save me a TON of time vs. what I used to do before!!!  WOW - neat stuff!!! 
I am GLAD I invested in this!"

~Chuck J

"I would like to start off by saying that I am not a professional photographer, or an extremely experienced person on computers, just someone who really enjoys photography and being able to edit my own pictures! With that said, I recently purchased Photoshop Newbie??s and could not be happier! The videos are easy to follow and I am learning very fast just by following Fabian! I had looked into taking a Photoshop course and if you have also you will know how expensive it is just to take the beginner's course, with Fabian??s detailed videos I personally believe that you learn just as much if not more and you have the videos as reference as well!

I highly recommend purchasing these to anyone who is interested in making beautiful pictures! Thank you so much Fabian for your easy to follow videos and I am hoping that you continue to make a lot more for me to benefit from!"

~Renee M

"I just bought your tutorials, and I wanted to email you and tell you how much I have enjoyed them.  I am a newbie at Photoshop, but I do have a fair knowledge of it, and your tutorials have really opened my eyes to even more opportunities to use with the power of Photoshop.  I am a firm believer, from past experience, that you can learn so much more, and so much faster, from watching a tutorial versus reading a how to book.  It is a shame that people would pass up your teachings, not knowing what they are missing.  Thanks for some fantastic training devoted to photographers". 

~Jim H

"I am from Gibraltar a British Coloney situated at the most southern point of Spain. (EUROPE)
Just to let you know that I have bought Digital Backgrounds and it is the best tutorial Photoshop tips that I have seen for quite some time.
It is incredible how easy you make it happen, and the best of all is, it is so easy to follow your steps.
Thank you very much, your help has really improved my photography.

~Johnny H

"I recently purchased your video, etc. for extraction and creating digital backgrounds. I have attempted to do work like this previously with disappointing results. I have to say that your instructional program is OUTSTANDING. Thank you. I don't usually get this excited about a product, even if I am truly impressed, but I had to let you know how pleased I am with your work. I can't wait to try the pencil drawing instruction.
I thought $47.00 was a little pricey, but when I saw the results in just my first try I know the program was well worth it."
~Gerry B





"Easily Create Digital Backgrounds
in less than 5 minutes and perform
easy extractions

"Thank you for the tutorials. They were very helpful. In fact, I have gotten so good now that Walgreen's stopped printing my photographs saying that they look too professional and I need a photographer's release form."


Digital Background example 3

"Studio Quality Portraits
Right From Your Living Room!

Absolutely no Chroma Key screens of any kind were used.

Easy As 1... 2... 3"

Digital Background Example 2
Child's picture was taken in front of a bare wall.

Digital Background Example
No bare wall available? A white sheet will do nicely as well!

"....As somebody striving to become a self employed digital photographer,...I found this to be a perfect alternative, with some stunning results."...........
~B Moir


"Are you tired of
your extractions
looking Like This?
Are you having
trouble extracting
wispy hair?
Are you tired
of your images
looking fake?"


Digital Background 4


"I had to write to say how great the videos are!!!...Oh boy, do you make extractions easy! Thank you! I think your way is much smarter than chroma key, it avoids all the yucky green reflections & spill on the model that make them look sick."

~Elizabeth P



My name is Fabian Barajas and I'll get right to the point. Why are you buying digital backgrounds (a.k.a. backdrop) when you can EASILY make them in Photoshop in less than five minutes?

Also, when it comes to extracting an image, many people are disappointed in their results. Wispy hair seems to be a problem for most people. I have made it a breeze in my NEW VIDEO which I reveal to you my easy techniques for extracting wispy hair.

Another thing too, if you notice at the pictures I have posted here, is that my techniques do not require the need for Chroma Key blue or green screens.

Notice the image below....

     * No Chroma Key screens
        being used!

     * Subject has wispy hair!

     * The result is AMAZING!
       only taking a few minutes!



Digital Background 5

Digital Background 6

Digital Background 7


You  too  can  easily  achieve
the results you see here. But don't take my word   for it! Just listen to what others have said regarding my easy to follow techniques!

The testimonies on the left hand side of page are just
a small sample of the many
satisfied  customers  who
have  written  me!

Digital Background 8


Digital Background 9

I even reveal to you in my video, the very simple lighting setup I use for digital background portraits.


"Digital Background Tips
You Will Easily Learn!"

       * Digital Backgrounds In 5 Minutes!

       * A Perfect Extraction Every time! Fast and Easy!

       * Easily Blend Subject With Digital Background!

       *Short Cut Tips For Color Matching!

       * How To Fix The Pasted Look Once And For All!

       * Vignetting Made Easy!

       * And Many More!


Ebook 101

For those of you who may not be familiar with ebooks, an ebook is information that is in a format that can be read on your computer. It is not an actual physical book that you might purchase at a bookstore. My ebook is in "PDF" format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be read which is a FREE download.

The videos are in Quicktime format which is also a FREE download. Most people already have Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Quicktime player already installed on their computer.


"If you buy now I will include in the following bonus items:"


Bonus Item #1

I start you off with SIXTEEN
Digital Backgrounds

Bonus Item #2

Free Pencil Portrait Ebook Tutorial
And Video
(QuickTime Format)

I have been asked many times how I do my pencil portraits. The good news is, I have just completed a no brainer, super easy to understand, fully illustrated ebook (PDF format) and Quicktime video that explains exactly the techniques I use.

Pencil portraits are fun and easy to do. They also make great gifts for your friends, relatives, and customers.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with my easy instructions!





Pencil image above was enlarged and displayed at their wedding reception
next to the guestbook!

Subjects do not have to be in front of a white background!

The above picture was a Father's Day gift from his children. I scanned a picture of
the father (bottom left). It was a picture of him from the 70's when he was about the
same age as his children today. I had previously taken pictures of his children, and
 made them all pencil renderings in Photoshop, uploaded them to and
 had them print it and framed for me as a 16x20. The children told me their father cried!


Bonus Item #3

Free Selective Sepia Focus Ebook
And Video
 Quicktime Format

"Selective Sepia Focus" effectively draws attention to the point of interest in
the photo. You can turn an ordinary snapshot into a truly amazing image. It's
perfect for Wedding Photographers. This technique is fully explained in six
EASY steps that you can do in less than two minutes.


Fast Results...

These videos make learning Photoshop so incredibly easy! If you are new (newbie) to Photoshop, you will be simply amazed at the speed that you will be able to master these techniques!

"Okay, here's the deal...
You get the 3 video tutorials and
3 Ebooks in my Digital Background Tutorial
(including sample pics to follow along)."

"Plus...16 Digital Backgrounds
to start with!"

I am so convinced that you will be satisfied, that I am offering a 100%
60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

If for any reason you are not satisfied, just send us an email within 60 days, and we will gladly refund your money.

Please Remember...

These are products that you will be able to download immediately.

Broadband users will be able to download each video in under 5 minutes.

Dial-up users please be aware that video files are large and will require a 4 hour download. It may be best to order the CD and have it mailed to you.

The Ebooks are in PDF format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be
read which is a free download. Most computers already have this installed.

The videos are in Quicktime format which is also a free download.


Also, my tutorials were written for the following Photoshop versions...
7, CS, CS2,
and CS3  NOT for Photoshop Elements!

After payment is received, you will be able to download all the products immediately!

Buy One Get One FREE Special!

You get both website tutorials and bonuses for the price of one"(Limited Time)

Digital Background Videos
plus bonus items!
(An Easy 45 minutes)


Photoshop Magic
(Over Two Hours of Videos)

$94 Only $47
(Limited Time)

-Click Here to Download!-


For CD Orders

If you would rather have the tutorials on CD mailed to you by Priority Mail (2-3 Business Days)
Click Here

I purchased your tutorials, and I just love it. Thank you for being such a good instructor. In fact, you are the best one I have ever seen. You make it look easy. I especially love your pencil pics. Please put me on your email list for new tutorials you create.  

~Diana Anderson
Artistic Photography by Diana



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Photoshop Magic For Newbies
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Learn Photoshop Today


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