"How To Really Talk Dirty In Bed"
"Thousands of women now know the truth...
My guide is proven to work in under 24 hours
I know exactly what you need and that is
why I wrote this guide specially for you"

By: Denise Brienne
Tuesday, 1:43 p.m.

From: U.S.A.

     Dear Friend,

   If I told you that in the next 5 minutes you could be talking dirty and driving your man crazy with desire would you believe me? Well, if I were in your shoes I would be a little hesitant as well but, it is true.

   I know how you feel about wanting your man to love you unconditionally and there isn't anything wrong with that. The problem is men are visual creatures by nature and this causes them to only want what they see.

   My guide will explain the things you need to do to make your man think about you even if you are not around. You will plant little seeds all the time that will drive him crazy to be with you. This all can be done by simply saying a few dirty words at the right time and
I'll explain exactly what to do and when in full detail below.

I guarantee I can have your man thinking of you 24/7 and you will know just by his actions that you are the one and only.

...If you are ready to add fire and passion to your relationship and truly be appreciated by your man then keep reading...

Want 101 Dirty Talk Examples...?
...Keep Reading To Find Out More

Ready? Here we go...

     Men LOVE sex.

     Truth #1: "We know one thing: no sex equals unhappiness."

(source: Professor Edward Laumann, Author: The Social Organization of Sexuality)

     And for the most part women love to be made love to, sometimes we want have it  hardcore, but let's face up to the truth here ladies, most of the times it would be perfect if our man knows how to mix it up a little bit.    

     Let's look at it this way:

     This is the 21st century and women can't just lay down on their back and expect magic to happen.

     There are plenty of women out there who would do much more for a few hundred dollars PLUS, the verdict is in, most men AND women cheat because of a lack of passion in the relationship.

     Truth #2: "Lack of sex is one of the top three reasons why married couples divorce." (source: Creighton University Center for Marriage and Family)

     If you want to keep your man, weather you are married or are a couple, you, as the woman have got to take to task your part of the relationship and do what it takes to keep your man.

     You've got to put in the microscopic amount of effort if you want to have a rewarding, happy relationship.

     Truth #3: "SEVEN solid reasons why sex is GREAT!"
(source: CBSNews.com)

     Here's a quick list of reasons why good sex is great!

     1 - Makes you peaceful: researchers in Scotland found that frequent sex leads to lowered diastolic blood pressure allowing you to be more calm in stressful situations
     2 - Boosts your ability to combat sickness: having sex once or twice a week means that you'll have more Immunoglobulin A, also known as IgA, which protects your body against infections.
     3 - Is a great workout: having sex less than two dozen times at an hour each session will melt off 3,570 calories. "Sex is a great mode of exercise": Dr. Patti Britton, President Association of Sexuality Educators and Therapists
     4 - Boosts your self-esteem: "one of the reasons why people have sex..."  Archives of Sexual Behavior, University of Texas
     5 - Strengthens the bond with your lover: Sex and orgasms increases the amount of oxytocin in your body: University of Pittsburgh.  "Oxytocin allows us to feel the urge to nurture and bond." - Dr.Britton        
     6 - Helps you rest better: Researchers also say that oxytocin released after intercourse helps promote better sleep, which causes a whole host of goodie benefits like maintaining a healthy weight.
"All I Can Say Is WOW!"
   "WOW...I am so excited about your guides. Your guides have opened my eyes to everything that is possible in a relationship."

   "I read them all the time and continuously pick up new stuff to use. I especially like the stuff about what to do in the kitchen!"

Stacy Ellison, Phoenix, Arizona

"I'm 100% Positive He's Mine Forever..."

   "My boyfriend has wanted me to talk dirty to him ever since we first started making love. I feared that if I didn't do it soon he would find someone who would."
   "After reading your talking dirty guide and putting what you recommend into practice our love making has improved and I am 100% positive he is mine forever"

   "Thank you so much!"

Shelly D, Estes Park, Colorado

"The Most Erotic And Memorable Night."

   "I got your guide and read it three times. Each time I learned something new. After about 2 weeks I decided to practice what I learned on my unsuspecting husband."

   "That night was one of the most erotic and memorable nights since our honeymoon"


Lori T, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

     7 - Reduces pain:  After intercourse, endorphins flood the body and this causes you to almost erase pains headaches, arthritis and even PMS symptoms.

     That's a whole lot of points for the right kind of lovin'.

     Now that you know the many awesome benefits that come along with sex, you'll understand why you might want to ask yourself this question...

What Could Happen When You

     It is very clear that there are options on the table for any guy out there.

     Today's men have a whole range of choice when it comes to women, dating and their urges.

     There's social escorts, sometimes costing thousands and don't forget online friend finders and similar internet services.
     Then there's mail order brides, even though these brides cost anywhere between $5,000.00 to $12,500.00 men are willing to shell out this kind of money for someone he believes will fulfill him.

     And if that doesn't get him revved up, internet pornographic materials will. And its growing at a head splitting rate.

     In 1986 less than 2,000 porn titles hit the market, in the year 2000, there were more than 10,000 titles.
(source: www.pbs.org)

     I hope It's crystal clear to you now, that there's a whole host of options for men out there...
     ...the question is, what are you doing to make him stick to you?
Find Out If You Are A Good Lover
(tick the relevant boxes below)
     These five lover characteristics come from a condensed version of articles about being a good lover from Jurgita.com and AskMen.com.

     Do you...

"Start The Play". When you make love to your man, does he make the first move all the time? If this is the case, you're heading for troubled waters. Men want their woman to show interest in them and make the first move too, sometimes. 

"Keep It Fresh". Sex is great but missionary all day, everyday makes it tiresome and dull and will make him think twice about getting it again next time.

"Stay Clean In And Out". You might not know this, but here's how to keep it tasting good 'down there', eat pineapples. Not kidding here, pineapples contain a certain type of chemical that makes you taste good. Also, it's a good idea to shower before any romping session. A "stanky" partner is the last thing you want when turned on, goes the same for him too...

"Stay In School". This is a variation of "Keep It Fresh", what it means is that you learn more tricks of the trade. Learn what makes a man excited and how a man's mind and body works. (more on how men work revealed further down the page)

"Use Your Mouth". Few people actually know that many men are desperate to hear some beautifully dirty phrases flying out their woman's mouth. A cuss here, a dirty phrase there, makes them happier than a kid in a candy store.

     The results...

     If you've ticked 1-2 boxes, you need to stop reading this page and ask yourself if you even like the man you're with.

     If you've got 3-4 ticked congratulations, you're almost there, read the rest of this report to find out how to be such a good lover your man will start drooling all over the place.

     If you've got all 5 ticked, well, you're probably bluffing, because, the last lover characteristic, was actually a "trick question"... Why?

     Because I'm the only expert I know on dirty talking and I've got lots to teach you.  Read on...

The Ultimate Guide To Talking
(make your man weak in the knees for you everytime)

 How to always sound sexy even on a
"bad" night... page 6

Secrets of saying dirty phrases the right way that get him harder than a rock...page 18

 How to turn boring phrases into sexually loaded turn on's… page 11

 9 red-hot ways to almost hypnotically implant sexual images into your man's mind, making him feel hotter for you than a furnace… page 12-14

 Quick and easy ways to blend the "dirty talk" mindset into your day to day life to bring you hours of passionate and spontaneous love-making … page 15

Whisper These 
Into Your Man's Ear Right NOW
(and watch as he gets hot for you instantly.)

     I'm about to give you a preview of things to come, if you're up for it here's a list of 25 dirty talk phrases.

     Just go up to your man the moment you can and gently whisper a handful of your favorite ones into his ear and watch what happens.

1 - "I love the way you kiss me...especially when you kiss me there!"
2 - "I want to get naked with you right now"
3 - "Do you like the way that feels?"
4 - "Use your mouth on me."
5 - "I love the things you do with your tongue."
6 - "You're so damn gorgeous."
7 - "Want to see what I really want? Come closer..."
8 - "Tell me what you want."
9 - "This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life."
10 - "It drives me crazy when you look at me that way..."
11 - "You taste so good."
12 - "Come over here and ride me hard."
13 - "Your wish is my command."
14 - "I want to feel those sweet lips all over me."
15 - "I'm going to suck you like a lollipop"

     His eyes will stand still, his jaw will drop slightly and he'll start to breathe heavy.

     As you read all of the list of 19 dirty phrases above, I'm willing to bet that you felt slightly naughty and maybe even turned on.

     If you think this is good news, wait till you get your hands on the downloadable dirty talking guide, then, you'll discover for yourself how powerful this stuff really is.

     You'll find out...

   Dirty talk instantly throws convention out the front door and allows your imagination to run rampant page 4
   Big Question: "If you can talk dirty in bed… what else can you do?                      

   Could you really be that woman who takes charge even outside the bedroom?  Page 4

   The most important part of dirty talk doesn't have anything to do with words find out what is the most important part on page 5

   Dirty talking is like sharing a secret, behind closed doors only you and your lover will know how naughty you can get while in front of society you present your best face… page 5

   Master the art of NEVER sounding corny ever again. Always sound sexy and turn on-ish… page 6

   Secrets of talking dirty without uttering a single word, gets his heart racing and the steam sogging the sheets... page 6

   Hint: Drop kisses down his chest while you whisper that you want to taste him.

   17 Not-So-Dirty phrases guaranteed to rev up his love engine to the max… as long as you say them right … page 6-7


   Why you should look straight into his eyes, this one simple thing can turn him on in more ways than one… page 7 

5 Step Method To Talking Dirty
     I understand that as you read this report, you might be thinking to yourself "I can't talk dirty, that's not who I am"

     That is why I structured the Dirty Talking Guide to contain five levels of dirty talk starting from the beginning phase all the way to hard-core.

     Here's what the steps look like.

     Level 1 : Sexy Sounds - start out with moaning, heavy breathing and even screaming in pleasure

     Level 2 : Not So Dirty, Dirty Talk - telling your lover that they are doing it right, "baby, that feels so good when you touch me there" or "I like it when you do that, do it again"

     Level 3 : Fine Tuned Dirty Talk - this is the level where you add some spark into your talk. "Slide yourself inside me now." or  "I want to feel that in my mouth."

     Level 4 : Fantasy Dirty Talk - here's where the girls get separated from the women. Tell your lover to reveal their most deepest fantasy and YOU will make it real for them.

     Level 5 :  Hardcore Dirty Talk - when you've finally got the "brass balls" to reach this level of raw expression and absolutely honest communication, get ready for lots of steamy action everytime.

     PLUS - all of these five levels are covered as you go along page by page in my dirty talking guide, you'll also discover...

   The # 1 most best way to talk dirty that'll explode his pants off faster than a heart beat … page 7

   Where does dirty talk start?... not in the bed-room, or on your lips, the answer might be a little obvious but overlooked by many. Page 8

   12 memory recall exercises you can do instantly that opens the floodgates for making you feel hot right now… page 8

   The fastest way to learn about how you want it, say the words out loud when m-----------  alone… page 9

   A fool proof way to filtering out words which turn you off and words that make you hot and bothered… page 9

   How to get as silly and naughty as you want while transforming into a veteran mouth slicker… page 9  

   The seven places you should go if you want a Boeing 747 full of lines, phrases and even STORIES that'll guarantee to have your jaws sweeping the floor, eye brows raised and juices dripping?... page 10 shows you where 

   Call a friend, you know which one… if you don't I'll tell you on page 10 

   One-liners and sticky notes, that's all you'll need to make your man know that you want him tonight…page 13

   Dirty-Talk only happens in the bedroom right?...WRONG!... you can even do it in the kitchen while making salad read up page 15 to see how it's done.

   So much information packed into this tiny little, less than 30 pages guide, it's like a dip into the pool, all you have to do to get wet is jump in.

     Likewise, all you have to do to get the best education in how to talk dirty the right way is to get your hands on this guide.

Or Else!
     With so many couples splitting over the tiniest of details these days, it's not too far fetched to imagine seeing yourself in the courtroom getting verbally nasty at your ex-lover's lawyer.

     Screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs about how much of a bad person your ex-lover is.

     Couples who've been married 15 years go through this, if you don't defend your love by being there for your man... who else will?

     And if you're not married, well suffice to say nasty breakups with effects that last years eating up your mental health, your physical health and chipping at your emotions for a long time.

     After all is said and done the financial toll from hiring a lawyer in court, a shrink on a couch, pills and other medications from a unhealthy breakup could wind up costing you $1000.00's of dollars.

     That's why you need to get your hands on the fastest way to please your man so that he'll feel happy and in turn start pleasing YOU.

It's All About Love.

     Imagine a relationship which is fulfilling, where every morning you greet your lover with a smile and a kiss on the lips.

     Followed by a warm and tight hug.

     You feel overflowing with joy and contentment, something you've wanted for the longest time you've finally got a chance to feel once again.

     Completely loving the man you're with and being treated like a princess by your man, it's like a fairy tale come true.

     To think, all this, in exchange for getting good at giving your man what he wants.

I'll Add These Love Bonuses Too.

     To make this even more of a no-brainer, I'm going to spice up this offer so that you jump into the pool and get "wet".

     I'm adding these bonuses along with "The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty"

Bonus One
"101 Dirty Talk Examples"
dirty talk  I love the way you kiss me...especially when you kiss me there! 

how to talk dirty
  I love feeling your strong arms when you're on top of me. I love your muscles!

dirty talk  I bet you would like to do this in public. Admit it. 

how to talk dirty
  Let's see how many times I can make you come. Want to place bets?

dirty talk  For the next hour, you're my personal sex toy. Deal with it. 

how to talk dirty
  You can have any hole you want. Which one will it be?

You like that, don't you? You like it when your woman does that to you?

talking dirty
  Should I tie you up and make you take it, or are you going to be good?

  Plus 93 more erotic dirty talk examples and phrases!

Value: $19.00

Bonus Two
"How To Captivate Your Lover"

  Discover the raw truth about beautiful women who draw men to them like bees to honey. And use it
to bring in the right man you want

  Thirteen easy ways to skyrocket your level of sexiness almost instantly.

The real way to make men as curious as a cat about you. Have men
eating out the palm of your hand asking you dozens of questions about you.

  A handful of quick "makeover" tricks to make the man you want purr with delight as he gets turned on like a switch, and start "ooohhhh'ing" and "aaahhhing" at you.

  Every woman's top secret wardrobe weapon revealed… if you don't have a pair of these, sprint to the nearest store and GET IT!

Value: $12.00

Bonus Three
"Naughty Bedroom Secrets"

  How to easily bring the excitement and passion back into the bedroom for some steaming hot action.

 Eight ways to transform your old love making routine into "spanking" brand new. 

PLUS - how to play dress up the right way.

Value: $13.00

Bonus Four
"15 Secrets To Spice Up Your Love Life"
  How to feel those butterflies fluttering in your tummy every time he looks at you… remember how that felt? Now you'll know how to feel it every time with this innocent five letter word.

  Surprise, surprise… who sent those flowers and candy to his office?... you did but don't tell him its you…and on page 2 you'll find out what else you can do to keep the cloud of mystery of a secret admirer thick, so that you can reap the rewards later!

Try to solve this equation… Lover's Lane + Heat & Sweat + Heavy Breathing + No Clothes = ____________ …find out the answer on page 6

  Ten more naughty little tricks to make it feel new and exciting again and again!

Value: $11.00

Bonus Five
"Dirty Talk Coupons"
dirty talk
  Dozens of fun and wild coupons to choose from.

 Give these to your man to use on the spot or save for sexual favors at a later time.

  Secretly place these in spots your man is sure to find them. Put one in his car, lunch or send them in the mail for an extra added surprise.

 Print as many of these as you like and use them over and over again.

Value: $9.00

     Use these five bonuses in addition to the dirty talking guide for some truly explosive passionate love making.

     Consider it a total system for making love, making your man feel good and in turn making your lover appreciate you for who you are.
     Order Recap:(everything is instantly downloadable
  • The Ultimate Guide To Talking Dirty (value: $57.00)
  • 101 Dirty Talk Examples (value: $19.00)
  • How To Captivate Your Lover (value: $12.00)
  • Naughty Bedroom Secrets (value: $13.00)
  • 15 Secrets To Spice Up Your Love Life (value: $11.00)
  • Dirty Talk Coupons (value: $9.00)
  • Total Value =$121.00
"How Much?"

     You've read about how men need to be fulfilled.

     You've read about how studies show how much men want their women to please them.

     You've read how people who used this guide loved it almost immediately.

     The question shouldn't be how much is this offer, the question should be can you afford to neglect your lover's desires?

     Can you afford him going to someone who will do what it takes to make him happy? Even if that means ordering a bride from Cambodia...

     Just like you would love to have sweet nothings whispered into your ear, just like how you would like to have your desires taken care of, just like how you would love to be treated the way you like... men have their needs too.

     Even though most of them may not say it, dozens of articles in magazines and authority sites have articles loaded with tips to get women, YOU, to talk dirty. And what greater pleasure can you feel than making the man in your life feel good?...

     That's why I'm willing to let you have what could be a life-saving guide not for $197.00...
Not even for half that price which would be well justified seeing as how the things taught in this guide WILL turn your man on the way he likes.

     Not even $47.00

     The price of the guide, five bonuses is a jaw dropping low price of $27.00
"Made Things Steamier..."
   "She thought that adding dirty talk to our sex would make things even steamier, boy was she right. After searching the internet for a couple days we couldn't find any good examples on how to talk dirty."

   "We ran across your website and decided to buy your guide. To make a long story short it was the best $27 investment we could have made in our relationship. Cheaper then going out to dinner and much, much better."

Donald, Titusville, Florida

"Your Guide Made Me Look At Things A Whole New Way"
   "Damn Girl...what you put in this guide made me shiver. I have had my share of women but what I found in your guide made me look at things a whole new way."

   "Let everyone know that DJ Slice from LA is using it to bring the honeys!"

DJ Slice, LA

Full 60 Days Risk Free Test Drive
(Try out everything you need, make all the steamy hot
love you want, make sure it delivers on it promises
or you don't pay a single red cent.)


     All you have to do to access the dirty talking guide and the three bonuses is to simply click the blue order button above and you'll be taken to a page where after your payment, the products can be accessed via a safe download link.

     Denise Brienne

P.S. Here's the run down one more time, you'll get instant access to the downloadable dirty talking guide PLUS the five bonuses worth $121.00 for a mere $27.00 which comes with a 100% sixty days full money back guarantee. Click the order button below to get started immediately.

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