"Let me show you my simple '1-2-3' method for putting ANY video on ANY web site in mere minutes"

Watch this short 1:29 video as Gareth explains...


It's amazing, but it only took me 3 minutes to publish the video above! And this simple software makes it all possible...

Here's just a tiny sample of what this breakthrough software can do for you...

Make any existing video file much smaller (file size) so it plays easily on your website...and without taking up a lot of space or losing its quality online, but keeps the original quality level.

Add buttons to your video like Stop, Play, Fast Forward, Rewind. You can choose which ones to add, or add a complete "video player" with one click.

Automatically generate the code you simply copy and paste anywhere you want your video to appear on any web page.

Automatically "Upload" your video to any web page with just one click.

Make it simple for visitors to watch, they just press play! That's it. There's no need for them to download a large file or run a big program like Media Player, QuickTime, or Real Player. (Examples Below)

From: Shawn Pringle
Monday, June 15th, 2009
Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Fellow Website Owner,

Are you frustrated by the time and trouble it takes to get video on your website? Do you want to add stunning, professional-looking videos with cutting-edge effects (like hyperlinks within the videos)? If so, then I have some good news for you...

Thanks to advances in web video technology you can now put any video on any website in just a few minutes. All you need is my new V2F software (which stands for "Video To Flash").

V2F transforms huge video files (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, etc.) into small, Internet-ready "flash" videos so quickly and so easily that ANYONE can do it in just minutes.

In fact, a VERY satisfied customer by the name of David Parry sent me an email after he found this web page (the one you are reading right now).

David was trying so hard to get video on his site... but his video files were either too big for the web... or he lost too much quality... or the "solution" he'd been given just plain didn't work. 

So he went back to the drawing board looking for another way...

And that's when he found us!

"I spent 5 hours messing around trying to get video on my website. I bought your product and 5 mins later, its done!" -David Parry, DavidParryRacing.com

And this is the page he put the videos on: http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/ 

...And now you can get your videos up in only 5 minutes too, just like David did ; or just like Lori who created Post #86 on our new

Customer Comment blog

That's how quick and easy it is to get video online with V2F. Here's a rundown of how it works.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Creating Online Video:

Step #1 - Make A Video...

Step #2 - Shrink The File Size And Make It Internet Ready...

Step #3 - Generate The HTML And Publish!

You can take care of Step #1 with your video camera or webcam. (I assume you already have because you're here, right?)

But for years, step #2 and #3 have been the hardest. The testimonials all over this page attest to that. Video files are HUGE and everyone has been waiting for technology to catch up with them.

But now the technology is here... and V2F uses the latest in web video technology to make steps #2 and #3 a piece of cake.

(In fact, it's nearly all automatic and at the click of a button.)

And ready to go right out of the "box." 

"...V2F is one fantastic product! It is so intuitive and simple to use, I haven't even opened the Help file...? - David Alan Wisniewski

So now it's much easier for you to put video online, AND easier for your visitors to watch and enjoy it immediately.


Because your visitors don't have to click away to open up another program to view the video (like Media Player or Quicktime Player).

And your visitors don't have to download a huge movie file.

Easily Publish Video On Web Pages, Blogs, eBay Auctions And More

SIDENOTE Got a blog? Ever thought of starting one? There has never been a better time (WordPress blogs are free)! Make your blog sizzle with video using our new free video blogging software at http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with V2F...

Email friends and family video of your holidays, with just a few clicks. (The 1-2-3 video email process is explained below.) 

Email Grandma and Grandpa video of the kids playing soccer, baseball, or their school concerts. (Kimberly Alvarez from Florida sent me an email to tell me... "Thanks to your program we can now share video clips of our baby daughter with her grandparents across the country. Thank you!")

Close the sale of your house or cottage faster by giving a video tour online.

Introduce your company personnel to clients with video for a more personal feel.

Add video to your eBay auctions and see an instant increase in high paying bids.

Want your copy now?
Click here to order securely using your credit card, PayPal, or online check.

Here's a quick example of how easy it truly is. I took a short video clip with a run-of-the-mill digital camera (because most of them now take short video clips too). This is my "then" 4-year-old princess, Hanna and my gorgeous 2-year-old boy, Zachary. 

I recorded it to the camera, plugged it into the computer, and ran V2F and had it on this website in about 6 minutes.

Notice that it's only a fraction of the original size with no quality loss and it plays right here on the page. Check it out.


Watch my kids sing a duet of Old MacDonald...


Original File

Original File Size

V2F Converted File

V2F Converted File Size


7,653 Kb


1,894 Kb


Choose From Many Different Player Styles

Your videos will look great on your site -  we've created several different player styles to match web pages of all colors and themes. And new player styles are constantly being added to V2F. (You get them free with each update.) These are just some of the player styles included in V2F:




And like I said, the last update included the coolest player we've released to date (in my opinion anyway). Check it out and play around with it below...move your mouse cursor over it, change the sound level, and scroll the video with the scrollbar. And watch what happens when you pause it:

With these stylish video players your videos will blend perfectly into your site. But I know some people have a hard time getting people to visit their website. Even if they're friends and family.

But with V2F, that doesn't matter anymore.

You Can Also Easily Share Video
With Friends And Family Through eMail

Now you can send video straight to your friends and family's email Inbox in 3 simple steps...

Open your video in V2F:


Set your preferences and hit convert


Press "Email" and fill out the email fields like normal.

That's how easy it is to send video emails with V2F.

I'm Not The Only One Who Thinks V2F Is Super Easy...

Here are some of the emails we've received recently. I literally just copied and pasted a few of the emails here to show you what people say about us and V2F (and there are lots more just like this)...

"Again, thank you for a great product and a great deal..."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for creating this awesome package. With video taking over the internet and Google giving so much search relevancy weight to video, I was stressed to get something up on the internet.

I Googled ?how to make a web video? and found you.

At first I was skeptical but after reading your testimonials, I took a chance. I?m very happy I did. I can?t tell you how much time and hassle your software saved me in getting up my videos. The Easy Screencam Video combined with the V2F completely solved my problem of how I was going to create web demo videos.

A web designer was going to charge me $800 for only a couple of them. I created an entire library in a day and saved thousands of dollars. Again, thank you for a great product and a great deal.

I can?t wait to see what you're coming out with next that will benefit my business!

Ken Rickerman

"A 53mb video... looks great without any noticeable loss of quality!"

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn,

I recently purchased your download V2F software to put video on one of my websites, http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/ 

It took me a few attempts to get my video just right. Jane was an absolute gem, who helped me with a few technical problems that I had. I managed to put two videos on my website, one was a 53mb video and it looks great without any noticeable loss of quality.

V2F IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! Why this product isn't sweeping the Internet is a mystery to me.

I have been looking at some of the so called "Top Internet Marketers" websites and viewing their online videos. Having to wait for the "so called experts" videos to load and play is an absolute pain in the butt!!

Shawn, I want to be your first affiliate for this product, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! The world needs to know about this product.

V2F is easy to use, more importantly it plays instantly, you don't have to wait for the video to load...don't the 'so-called experts" know that time is money? I don't care how important "they" think their message is. If a "so called expert" can't install a video that plays instantly, then I am out of there!

I will use V2F on all of my websites and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you want to put video on your website, use V2F. DON'T waste your time looking at other software, I have already done that and they are all CRAP!

If you want visitors to your website to have a pleasurable experience, with easy to use software, then V2F will produce great results. Sales on my website increased after I emailed my list simply telling them about the two videos that they could watch on my website. Neither video is selling anything!

But my list felt compelled to stay and spend money with me! HOW GREAT IS THAT?

Thanks for producing the BEST web video software anywhere on the Internet.

This email is totally unsolicitored. I don't know Shawn, personally. I just bought his product and was blown away by it, that I want to tell the whole world about it!

Best wishes,

Paul Rowland
Editor, The Indiaman Magazine.
Sheffield, England.

"...brilliant app... nothing compares... best customer support..."

-----Original Message-----


Thanks for all the work you?ve put into this is a brilliant app. I?ve tried just about every video conversion software out there and hands down there is nothing that compares with V2F. I appreciate the powerful features, the mind numbing ease of use, the totally intuitive interface and the best customer support on both sides of the Mississippi. Well done! 

Yours in Success,

Howard Olsen
Salesman . . . Trainer . . . President


High Output Training Systems Ltd.
Tel: (604) 731 0901
Cel: (604) 506 9409
Sales Skills Training That Works . . . Guaranteed

"Thanks to your program we can now share video clips of our baby daughter with her grandparents across the country. Thank you!"

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn, 

I am thrilled to find your V2F program. 

I received V2F at 10:43 PM and within 40 minutes I had a web page uploaded to the web with 2 videos I created using your amazing program. I spent the last 2 weeks racking my brain trying to figure out a way to compress my video files since they were too large. Thanks to your program we can now share video clips of our baby daughter with her grandparents across the country. Thank you!


Kimberly Alvarez
Fort Lauderdale, FL 

"WOW! It really is simple..."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Jane and Shawn,

Check out http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/. There are more mini videos on the product page.

We sell a product called the ?flexgoal? and it is one of those products that no matter how good you are at writing testimonials or product descriptions, you just can?t do it justice.

So I scoured the web for a piece of software that would help me add video to our website. I wanted it simple because although reasonably technical, I?m no video or computer genius.

I came across the V2F package and I?m sure like many customers I was sceptical of the claims of simplicity and great functionality because lets face it, in most cases you either get simplicity (meaning it has no features) or great functionality (meaning you need to be a rocket scientist to operate it).

Still, I was desperate so I gave it a try???????.WOW! It really is simple, it really is packed with functionality and I get free upgrades.

Thanks a bunch.

Craig Leverington
4coaches Limited

"I was so relieved to find your software."

-----Original Message-----

Thank you very much. I just bought the software at the beginning of the year after trying to learn Macromedia Flash during a 30-day trial period.

I was so relieved to find your software.

We have to put a video on a website each week and I was trying to do Windows and QuickTime versions before and the files were never compressed enough to view quickly. 

You have made this so simple and easy to use and now I see from the new features with the built-ftp option, it will go even faster. Thank you!

Connie Strickland

"...it is so much fun to use..."

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn and Jane:

After searching for an affordable, easy to use piece of software for creating videos to add to my Virtual Assistant ?box of tools,? I chose V2F. And indeed, it is easy to use, and has produced great results for my clients. Examples are at:




It took only a few minutes to get started ? now I wish more of my clients had videos for me to add to their web sites because it is so much fun to use.

Kathy Sparks, Your Virtual Resource (http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/)

"Your product has saved me months of studying... would have paid many times the cost of this product."

-----Original Message-----

I was searching for ways to get some videos onto my websites, in particular onto an umpire site that I run. I ran across your site about a month ago and placed it in my favorites. I was a little concerned about your product, but decided to finally take a chance.

I am amazed.

I didn't want to have to learn all of the steps to putting streaming video on my site, nor did I want people to have to spend a long time downloading large files. Your product has saved me months of studying and trying to figure out how to do what your program allowed me to do in a very short period of time. I had no knowledge of this stuff, whatsoever, so thanks for making my life easy - you have a great product and I know somebody else said it, but I also would have paid many times the cost of this product.

Jeff Frese

CA District 8 Little League



And I've got waaay more testimonials where those came from. I want you to feel 100% comfortable getting V2F today, so read these testimonials to see what other customers are saying. And after you order I'd love to get your email and hear how V2F has helped you too.

Click here to read more emails from happy customers...

Customers get FREE upgrades for life, and we're almost ready to release an exciting new upgrade... and you'll get it for free when we do!

The last upgrade was a biggie. We were asked by our users to add some more player sizes. They also wanted to be able to send viewers to a web page automatically after watching the video.

So we added those features.

We were asked if we could add the ability to 'watermark' videos. (Which just means adding an image or text to the video, kind of like a transparent layer...you know, like CNN or NBC adds their logo to the screen).

So we added it.

It doesn't stop there! We were asked to add the ability to add hyperlinks to the videos...and the ability to convert several videos at the same time (called "batch" converting)...and the ability to track the # of views a video gets...

So we added all of those features too!

We've added many new features at the request of our valued customers, and one of the most exciting and unique ones is the ability to add "go-to" points in your video so viewers can easily jump ahead to pre-defined points in your video. 

This one is kind of hard to explain, so watch this and see what I mean:

These "go-to" points are called "markers" and this is our new Marker Player. Like a lot of V2F's features, you won't find this anywhere else as it is a custom solution for our customers only. And you'll be using it and making videos like these in just a few minutes from now!

A brief history of our upgrades...

Most of the new features we add come directly from user requests. On Nov. 1st, 2006 we released an upgrade that included 11 new features.

If you were a customer before Nov. 1st, 2006, you would have been sent this upgrade for free.

By Jan. 22nd, 2007 another upgrade was ready. This time a complete overhaul was done at the request of my valued customers, including video email. 

If you were a customer before Jan. 22nd, 2007, you would have gotten this upgrade for free.

Then, on March 7th, 2007 we did it again.

And again on September 17th, 2007 with even more goodies for our customers.

And again on January 29th, 2008. We added 16:9 widescreen support (click to see an example), new players, and more. 

And again on August 25th, 2008. V2F is now packed full of killer new features. And we're working on yet another new release (to come out in June, 2009) with some REALLY COOL new players and some other nifty new features!

With the last upgrade we also opened our V2F Customer Comment blog so you can tell us what you want to see in the next free upgrade.

"I'm definitely interested Shawn... Is this going to cost me a lot?"

Is this going to be a monthly service plan or some mega-expensive corporate software tool?

NO! (And it could be. I ran into a similar software program the other day that charged $997.00! And it didn't do some of the things V2F does. And you may have seen a big "guru" promoting his online video service for a substantial monthly fee - that gets expensive!)

But V2F isn't $1,000.00 per year, $1,000.00 today or ever. It's not even half that. Instead you can download V2F straight to your PC for only $147.

**Update June 15th, 2009** We are running a price test right now for one month to gauge interest at this new price. When you download your copy of V2F today we'll knock $50 off the price. ONLY $97 for V2F and the bonuses if you act now. We may or may not leave it at $97 considering the price of some of the other tools out there. In fact, other V2F customers have happily paid $167 for it recently...but it's yours for only $97 one-time (again, not monthly like some of the other services).



What is a TelePrompter? It's a screen that scrolls the text automatically so you can read it while looking into the camera. This is what professional newscasters use to report the news. 

  • Simply copy and paste your script into the TelePrompter window and press "Start"

  • Scrolls the text across the screen at your pace - this keeps your rythm smooth and even - and professional!

  • Keeps the text at eye level - no looking down at troublesome scripts and printed sheets. Looks like you are looking into the camera, not reading a script.

  • Can be paused at any point if you need to take a break from recording and pick up where you left off.

  • Scrolls your text in large bold font so its easy to read

The teleprompter is yours for free when you buy V2F today. And it's yours to keep if you don't like V2F for any reason and ask for a refund. It's my way of saying "thanks" for giving V2F a try.



Ever wanted to cut out a part of a video? 

Ever wanted to add text to your video?

Ever wanted to change the audio or narrate your video?

Now you can with my Easy Web Video Editor! It's a separate software program that allows you to perform edits to your videos before they go on the web. Other editors on the market range from $89-$400 and up, but you'll get this one absolutely free. 

Like all of my software programs, I designed the Easy Web Video Editor to be very straight-forward and easy to use. There's no need to read through a 100-page User Manual or take some boring course at a local community college to learn how to use it. Here are just some of the benefits of this full-featured editor: 

  • Easily capture video from your camcorder to your PC

  • Easily add background audio to any video

  • Easily narrate any video with a simple mic plugged into your PC

  • Easily add text to any part of the video

  • Easily add audio clips to any part of the video (this is great for adding sound effects)

  • Easily add still pictures or any images to your video

  • Create cool transition effects from one scene to another - like fade, wipe, and barn door

  • Fade in or fade out for professional "fade to black" videos

  • Remove unwanted sections of video by simply highlighting them and pressing the scissors button

Here is what the Easy Web Video Editor looks like:

Again, it's yours for free when you buy V2F today. And it's yours to keep if you don't like V2F for any reason and ask for a refund. It's my way of saying "thanks" for giving V2F a try.



Need help deciding?

Click this screenshot to watch the 2-minute demo video that Gareth mentioned in the video above:

After your order you will be redirected to a page where you can download the software immediately (even if it's 2:30am on a Sunday).

Click here to order securely using your credit card or online check.
PayPal users can order through PayPal here:

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Click To Verify

And of course there is a full no-hassle-money-back guarantee, or as I like to call it the "Hanna & Zachary's Daddy Said So Guarantee!" (click 'play'):

So go ahead, order the program today risk-free and see how easy (and fun!) it is to add your own web video!

Best regards,


PS Did you watch the 2 minute demo above? Click here to watch...

PPS I continue to get emails from happy customers of V2F. Take a look, are you like any of these people?

"It is so intuitive and simple to use, I haven't even opened the help file."

-----Original Message-----


V2F is one fantastic product! It is so intuitive and simple to use, I haven't even opened the Help file.

Prior to finding V2F, I spent many, many hundreds of dollars for the Macromedia Flash product to accomplish the same thing performed by V2F. And, the Macromedia product is so incredibly more complicated, I haven't been able to incorporate the same functions as V2F. To be fair, the Macromedia product does a ton of other things...but things I didn't really need.

V2F just plain rocks!

Kindest regards,

--David Alan Wisniewski

"...your customer and technical support is also top notch..."

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn,

My business has a product called RealVideoTour that is primarily for real estate professionals. After years of watching simple virtual tours of pictures, I thought that a better solution would be to use streaming video. I looked around for a flash encoder and came upon V2F. This tool is simply the best MPEG to FLASH converter out there and in my business, quality is everything!

My hats off to you guys for a great product (and my realtor clients thank you as well as it is helping sell their properties).

Examples of my RealVideoTours can be found at:


Also, it should be mentioned that your customer and technical support is also top notch. Whenever I have a question, it gets careful attention and is answered promptly -- I really appreciate that level of service!

Best regards,

David Bremner
Owner: 3db Productions

"I purchased V2F and converted the file within 10 minutes of installation."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Jane,

Here?s my feedback on V2F:

V2F is a really simple, awesome product. I wanted to make a video I could use to pitch my new product idea to investors, but the cost of mailing out hard DVDs was prohibitive. With my camcorder and a little help from my husband, I made my video pitch. When I played it back, I realized it was too long and big to upload as a mpg file.

I purchased V2F and converted the file within 10 minutes of installation. I was then able to post the streamlined video on my website. I have already received inquiries from potential funding sources and people who want to buy the product when it?s available. The quality and ease of use are super!

Thank you,

Jennifer Barbee


"...students told me how surprised they were with how easy it was to use!"

-----Original Message-----

Jane (& Shawn):

I want you to know that your V2F software has made our school web site more fun to navigate to. Our students love to see themselves in action on their various pages and we have used it to advertise a fund raising concert that we are hosting.

The students that help me maintain the school web site love working with their digital video projects knowing that they will be able to show their skills off on the web site and they have told me how surprised they were with how easy it was to use!

Your software has allowed us to give a more up beat feel to our website without a huge cost or a huge knowledge load. I am looking forward to seeing the new features on the next release.

Steve Porter
Barrie Central CI
sporter @ mail.scdsb.on.ca

"In every since of the word it represents it's name well."

-----Original Message-----

Hello Shawn,

I recently purchased your V2F software program. I'm a media and tech person for a church and I must say that placing videos on the churches website has never been easier.

Now Shawn; at first glance I thought this was just another video software program being advertised; you know the ones that promise one thing and deliverer's another. Sure we all have shared experiences during one time or another placing a 10 min High quality video on a website; you know where it takes you "5 min to download and 5x5 min to complete the entire video."

I have worked with many different video software applications but V2F has just made life easier when it comes to video emailing and streaming video across the web. V2F has enabled me to compress videos to 10% of it's original file size in some cases
now life don't get any easier than that.

I been long searching for a program to place videos on the www and haven't had much luck in the past. Now with V2F software I'm able to have video's up and running on the web in Minutes it's just that easy!! I see why you call your website easy web video .

In every since of the word it represents it's name well.

I can't believe a product of this magnitude would sell at such low cost "but who's complaining" I like to thank you Shawn and your administrative team who strategically planned this wonderful and elaborate application. It's a blessing that your giving it away just for pennies. I know that you will TRULY be BLESSED in this great deed because you have TRULY BLESSED others with this intuitive software tool.

So Shawn I wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

Thank you once again and may God best be yours.

Eugene D. Knight

Contender for the Faith {Church}
508 case Ave St. Paul MN

"Thanks again for such a great product and for your excellent customer service."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for such a great product and for such great support. I can't believe how easy it is to add video to my website! I originally wanted to add video to my website's sales page. But after seeing how simple and effective this tool is, I've been able to add video to my team training manual, which has been a tremendous time saver for us.

Thanks again for such a great product and for your excellent customer service.

Best regards,
Nancy Cregan

"...your product does exactly as you promised..."

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn,

Congratulations, your product does exactly as you promised and with a little help from your support team we had our files up and running in no time at all.

Thanks to your program our customers can view our videos in real time.

Once again many thanks for a great product.

John Harrison
Northern Star Fireworks

ps. Please feel free to use our comments if you wish to do so.

"I'm glad to have found this software, it's the best."

-----Original Message-----

Hello Jane,

This video is one a several I use to show meteorites on my web site


This is the best way to show a meteorite, I'm glad to have found this software, its the best.

Simple to use and work with sound also.

Thank You,

Tim Heitz

"No technical personnel required..."

-----Original Message-----


I just posted a testimonial on our site here. We plan to use V2F to create an entire technical support department based on web videos.

We would NEVER dream of launching this project without a simple to use deployment tool. After all, WE'RE INK PEOPLE not video or web people. We're seeing compression rates that are very attractive and we can shoot and post to web within minutes with NO IT PERSONNEL REQUIRED, very attractive indeed.

Plus we can do screenshot videos right from the same desktops and servers we use here to highlight what we feel you need to know. If you need low system resources and ease of use then EASY WEB VIDEO is for you.

Ross Hardie
InkJetCarts.us (now carrying Canon pigment ink)

"You can add me to your list of very satisfied customers."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Shawn

I found in small print that my current web hosting company does not support Video Streaming so made me look elsewhere. That's when I came across your program and thought what the hell lets give it a try as it would not break the bank.

When downloading the software I lost network connection and your response to my mail was excellent and problem solved. After a few teething problems and nothing to do with your program I had my first Video Streaming on my web site:

Check it out - http://aseafood.1236659.hop.clickbank.net/

I can recommend this software to anybody that wants to add Video Streaming, as you say, easy to use - Spot on.

Thanks for a great program.

Steve Southon

"I am definitely in the 'Novice' category when it comes to web building, but I found this extremely easy."

-----Original Message-----

Shawn, Tremendous product.

My original purchase was only to post video on my family's website for other family members and friends to view, but after seeing how unbelievably easy and the quality of the finished video is, I am now working on creating some product videos for posting on my business website.

I am definitely in the "novice" category when it comes to web building, but I found this extremely easy. I really appreciate your quick and helpful responses to the couple of questions that I did have. I probably should not tell you this, but it is a great deal at 4 times the price.


Mike Appleget
Precision Yield Inc

"...excellent customer service for an excellent V2F."

-----Original Message-----

Thanks for all your help . with your excellent help ,every thing is ok now all done

Thank you for your excellent customer service for an excellent v2f. I highly recommend your service to anyone who requires a high quality video for an extremely reasonable price. 


"Thank you for your gracious, caring, and thoroughly professional help all along the way."

-----Original Message-----

Dear Shawn,

I must have written you a dozen times with varying questions. My experience was that each time you wrote back with clear instructions, great patience,- and, most importantly - the sense that you were genuinely interested in seeing I could problem solve whatever issue there was.

Thank you for your gracious, caring, and thoroughly professional help all along the way.


Stephen Phillips
San Francisco

"Fantastic Provider, Fantastic Rep, Fantastic Product!"

-----Original Message-----


Your V2F video web viewing program is sensational. I had the task of posting previews on a small website from analog video tape material from thirty years ago (remember the old, klunky unstable "Umatic" 3/4" videocassette format?). Your software performed magnificently. With the full 640x480 screen viewing size capability, it's stability, efficiency and the ease of both making and uploading the files, I experienced no other program or online facility that could even come close to resolving with V2F did for me. Great product and I urge other webmasters and marketers to use it.

Thanks so much again...Fantastic Provider, Fantastic Rep, Fantastic Product! Topnet and V2F provide software owner customer service like no other. Your products are great and so are you as people. (by all means quote me, I say that sincerely).

Have a great day with much appreciation!

Lou Ferriol

"I have had such wonderful service that I felt I needed to tell EVERYONE AND ANYONE..."

-----Original Message-----

Hi Shawn

I have explained to support that due to my computer keeping on crashing I have had to buy a new one for my business and haven't had time to use V2F properly so can't send you a video.

Support have now helped me 7 TIMES to re-download and install the programme.

I have had such wonderful service that I felt I needed to tell EVERYONE AND ANYONE that is thinking of purchasing your software that the AFTER SERVICE IS THE BEST BAR NONE!

I have been buying software for over 20 years now and have not received anywhere near the support from any of them like I have received from TOPNET SOLUTIONS.

As Tina Turner puts it you are "SIMPLY THE BEST" keep it up and you will always stay on top when competing against your peers.

Well done.

You are welcome to use this in any way you wish as I am really, really over the moon with your service. Thank you once again.

Kind regards,

Dennis Rocke
medmic @ gmail.com


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