Ear Tinnitus


There are many disorders of the ear. Tinnitus, however, is in many ways one of the worst despite getting hardly any attention and medical funding. Although it's sufferers can normally still hear very well, the psychological effects can be so extreme that some even turn to suicide. In this article, I want to discuss the root cause of this condition and how to cure it.

The Cause Of Tinnitus

Doctors know that all people who have tinnitus have some degree of hearing damage although most of them are far from deaf.

When I say damage I am referring to the very fine hair cells that in the cochlea of each ear. Subject yourself to dangerously high volume levels of sound for too long as the damage to these hair cells is so much that they cannot recover.

Often the damage is done in both ears but on occasion there is a bias. For example, many musicians may spend most of their career on one side of the stage and as a result they get hearing damage and therefore tinnitus symptoms predominantly in one ear.


However, although all ear tinnitus sufferers have hearing damage, not all of those people with hearing damage will also have tinnitus. In fact, it is a distinct minority who do. The reason for this is co-factors.

To have tinnitus, hearing damage is essential but not enough. You must also have at least one co-factor. Many people who do will have several of them.

These co-factors are basically part of your lifestyle and are easily modified. As an example, there are some natural chemicals present in many different types of food and some foods have them in extreme concentrations. To most people such foods are harmless but in those with hearing damage they can actually cause tinnitus.

But by simply avoiding these foods and substituting for others, the tinnitus symptoms can be reduced. Taking supplements can also help.

By modifying your diet slightly - know what to eat and what not to eat - and by making very small changes to other aspects of your lifestyle you can decrease your tinnitus intensity with each change until eventually your symptoms disappear altogether.

You have gotten rid of your tinnitus even though you still have some minor amount of hearing damage.

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