Key features and benefits of FinalSync?
  • Many Smart Automatic Tasks Are Provided to Meet Your Complicated Requirements
    FinalSync provides a variety of Auto-run tasks that triggered by specified events, including 5 events: on FinalSync starting, folder connecting, Windows system shutting down, periodically (on timer) or Windows task scheduler.
  • Multi-tasks Be Managed with Ease
    FinalSync can export task templates or lists, and create new jobs or clone recent jobs from templates to set up jobs quickly so that reducing user??s workload greatly.
  • User-friendly Interface, Easy Operation, Visual Operation Process & Result
    Files analysis and synchronization results are shown in tree diagram which contains information of filename, size, time, attribute of synchronized files on both sides, besides kinds of controls can be done to analysis results as required.
  • Multiple Devices Are Supported
    FinalSync supports multiple devices such as shared folders of LAN, desktops, laptops, USB drives, FTP and WebDAV servers, as well as Windows Mobile.Therefore, you can synchronize the files freely to Local Area Network or remote FTP and WebDAV servers or synchronize the files between unconnected devices through a USB flash driver.
  • High Quality, Fast Speed & Reliable
    1)High-efficiency analysis algorithms make the process of analysis and synchronization faster.
    2)FinalSync backups files before copy or deletion to gain synchronized files as you require. In addition, use temporary files to make sure all the update files are correct.
  • Detailed Operation Log
    You can check detailed records of analysis and synchronization results from the operation log which shows task names, operation time, related files number, files size and so on.
  • Integrated Display of Analysis Results
    Integrated analysis results are shown in tree diagram after analyzing folders between both sides. You can check different types of results including new files, deleted files, covered files, conflicting files, right-left or left-right operation files, all files, included files and excluded files.
  • Powerful Files Filtering Algorithm Makes Flexible Selections for Synchronization
    FinalSync has free options to exclude and include certain type of files or a folder, system files or hidden files.

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