1. "Each year P&G invests nearly $2 billion in research and development." - source
  2. "In 2008, Google expects to spend tens of millions on research and development." - source
  3. "marketing spending at U.S. businesses will be nearly $615 billion this year" - source

As you can see, asking typical consumers for their opinion on new and revised products before those products hit the shelves can save millions and even billions of dollars. Large and small companies alike will benefit from your opinion and you will benefit by getting paid from these companies.

I'm a big skeptic OK? I've tried working at home before and I was not impressed. I gave GainOpinion.com a try hoping for the best but expecting the worst! But guess, what? The first day I joined GainOpinion.com I made my joining fee back and then some! I've since been doing about 10 surveys a week (I know, I know, I'm going to do more soon) and have been getting paychecks and gift certificates to stores near by. Thank you for the opportunity.

Jessica - Albany, Missouri.

I signed up for your site and within 2 days participated in my first focus group. I got paid $50 just for talking with some people about a product that I would never buy. I answered some questions and I was on my way. This is great. To anyone who has any doubts, I say just go for it.

Mark - Tampa, Florida.

Wow, what a change. I'm a full time mom and being able to work from home... no words can describe it.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Tiffany - San Diego, California

I just wnted to give you guys a heads up. I just bought my first big screen TV. It has HD and everything. I got Dish Satellite hooked up too, and it's just excellent. And it's all thanks to you. The money I invested in your membership has been returned to me 100 fold. Thank you VERY much!

Kevin - New York, New York.

Heya guys, I wanted to give you a testimonial. I joined your site and got hired to eat at a couple of local restaurants. I got paid to eat at restaurants! It was great. I still do that 2-3 times a month and now I'm in the final interview stage of getting paid to shop. I'm going to be a professional shopper! Couldn't have done it without you! Thank you !

Melody - Austin, Texas.

When god closes a door he opens a window. I am truly greatful I found your website. I'm 57 years old and can no longer work due to my back injury. It is a blessing that I found your website and was able to work from home. Thank you from Utah.

Jordan - Salt Lake City, Utah

I've been trying to make ends meet, going to school, studying, and working a part time. My school schedule changes every quarter, but unfortunately my part time job schedule is not as flexible. I always had to haggle with my supervisor, but thanks to GainOpinion I'm now free of that. I can work when I have time, not when someone else wants me to. I love the fact that I can make money at 12am. :) Thanks.

Ashley - Los Angeles, CA.

If you have any unanswered questions please take a look at out Frequently Asked Questions page and if an answer is not there simply contact us.

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We have 500+ companies that will pay you up to $75 per survey to answer questions online, from the comfort of your own home! Small and Large companies want to know what you're thinking so that they can make products that you and others like you will buy.

Only you know:

  • What you like
  • What you will buy
  • How the product could be better
  • How often you will buy the product
  • If the product should come in a different color

There are no right or wrong answers. This is strictly what you think.

The companies we work with will:

  • Pay you up $75 for each survey that you take
  • Pay you up $90 per hour to Participate in focus groups
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Answer online surveys, test out new products, eat at new restaurants in your area - no catch, no gimmicks. Companies need everyday consumers to give their honest opinion of new products and services and how these products and services could be improved, and these companies will pay participants for their time.

Question: Why would companies pay someone for their opinion?

Answer: Product Development and Marketing costs money. In the case of nationwide companies producing a product that no one will buy or advertising it in a way that no one will find it appealing means losing millions of dollars, and likely jobs.


If you buy a new toothpaste that tastes like cement chances are you will not buy it again and you will tell all of your friends not to buy that toothpaste brand. This is a serious setback for that toothpaste manufacturer. The customers that bought their product will not buy it again and neither will their friends. This company now will have invested millions of dollars in product development, manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and research costs but no one will buy their product.

What if a beverage company creates a great tasting soda but it's just too difficult to open the can? This is a serious set back, the company executives might of thought that the packaging was "cool" but in fact, from the consumer's perspective, there's nothing "cool" about trying to figure out how to drink from a malformed can. Again, no one will buy this product and the manufacturing company will lose millions!

Question: How much can I make from taking surveys?

Answer: Your income will depend on your effort. Please use the below calculator to estimate your potential income.

  • Our website members get paid daily.
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  • Pay you up $75.00 for each survey that you take
  • Pay you up $90.00 per hour to Participate in focus groups
  • Pay you up $25.00 to Try and keep new products
  • Pay you up $75.00 per hour to take telephone surveys
  • Pay you up $75.00 per hour to take surveys offline
  • Pay you to Shop at stores near you.
  • Pay you to Eat at local restaurants (expenses covered)
  • Pay you up to $1,500/month to put to to put ads on your car

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