*Warning: Do not make the mistake of shying away from this opportunity if you only have a few bucks to start trading stocks with...or even if you don't even have an online trading account!

With That in Mind, Ponder This?K.


Video Proof of $2,276 Profits In 1 Week on 1 Stock Pick...

(and how you can do the same thing)



Video Proof Exposed of 5 Average People Who Have NEVER Traded Stocks Before Making 51% to 234% in Pure Profit With 1 Stock Pick In Less Than 1 Week!
This is your opportunity to join this small group of "rookie traders" and start raking in the big bucks...I will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to get started...even if you've NEVER traded stocks before.

From the desk of Matt Morris, Tuesday, 8:48  p.m.                                                                     Join Now
Dear Friend,
I guess I am doing this wrong? I am not going to beat you over the head with a stick

(figuratively, of course) until you join my stock picking newsletter.

Well...seriously...doesn't it seem like most paid subscription newsletters make it seem

 like you are mentally handicapped if you don't want to give them your hard earned money?

My thinking is pretty simple...I have a service that is available to you, and you either want

to take advantage of the offer and join or you don't and you go about your business.

Ok, with that said...

Paid members of this site consistently make money on our stock picks.

More winners than losers.

High profits that make the occasional losses easy to swallow.

That??s the bottom line and that??s why we??ve never had to ????hype up?? our service or hire

actors to make fake video testimonials (you??ve seen them, right? ha!).

Our members find out about us from an online ad?Kor from a friend or family member,

join our service and more importantly?KSTAY with us---because they make money

 with our stock picks. Simple process?K
Oh, want to get this out up front also?K.we don??t network with any

????pump and dump?? penny stock newsletters?Knor are we paid stock promoters ourselves?Kand we never will be.  That stuff makes me sick!

 Just Who The Heck Am I Anyways!? 

First of all, I??m like you?Kand you??re like me. I don??t live
with my head in the clouds in some stuffy corporate office everyday.

I live a real life, with bills and a family to take care of.


I have developed a system of spotting cheap stocks (microcap) that are ready to move up---and

move up big. Can I forego the blah blah blah of how I find these stocks....and just show you proof that real people make huge profits off of my stock picks?

Instead of showing you some sort of ????Track Record?? that would be hard for you
to believe or verify, I figured I would take you inside my email account to see
real, iron-clad testimonials that people have sent me.
I mean, honestly, wouldn??t you rather see that real people just like you (and me)
are making a whole lot of money just by trading a few stocks that we recommend?K
Opposed to seeing some boring spreadsheet (that I could easily make up) of our gains and losses?

Real Person #1 That Makes Money From Our Picks:
Joel P. cashes in 234% profits:



Real Person #2 That Makes Money From Our Picks:

Teressa A. makes $2000 in her first month as a paid member:


Real Person #3 That Makes Money From Our Picks:

Subscriber (unknown first name) reports 105% profits:


Real Person #4 That Makes Money From Our Picks:

Phillip L. makes +50% profits from 1 of our picks:


Real Person #5 That Makes Money From Our Picks:

Jeff G. clears a 116% gain and $2,800 profit on 1 pick:


Listen, I have many more of these types of emails from

ecstatic subscribers?K.but I think you can see the theme here.

These people don??t hide the fact that they ARE making really

big profits?Kregardless of whether they are new to the market

or not.


Wouldn't you like to be able to send me an email with your success story?


You can. You absolutely can. I've helped so many people make profits trading who didn't know the first thing about stocks....I've lost count!


Listen...I'll be straight up with you. In order to become the next "success story" of Microcapmillionaires.com (or MM), you'll need to become a paid member. Let's talk about that a little more...




I Know--I Know...You've been BURNT before by some 2 bit "stock picker" who told you to "BUY BUY BUY!" a stock just before him and his buddies dump all of their stock on top of your head.


I've heard the same sad story way---way too many times. Honest people search out the treacherous waters of the web looking for some mad genius...or magic "software" to tell them which stocks to buy. They stumble across a "stock picker" that crows about his/her "track record" of picking stocks....then they pay a pricey fee to join the "stock picking newsletter".  Sadly, and unbeknownst to the newcomer these people recommending a certain stock have been PAID to PUMP that stock....


They pump, pump & pump some more...sometimes the price of the stock will not move much at all. Meanwhile the subscriber to the newsletter patiently awaits their stock to appreciate in value. Then...a few days later, reality hits. The pumpers (stock pickers) have dumped millions of shares and effectively rendered the stock WORTHLESS...many times running the stock all the way down to zero.


People who paid good money to be a part of the "newsletter" not only wasted their money on the subscription fee...but also wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the "stock pick".


If you have not experienced this, please let me save you the trouble (and $$$)!


I have NEVER been paid or compensated in any way to promote a stock...and I NEVER will.


All of my picks are based on the motivation of making you money. I have no conflict of interest like most others who label themselves as "stock pickers".


Does this mean all of our stock picks go through the roof and make everyone a zillionaire? Course not. We have our losing picks just like anyone else without a time machine...


But I can tell you that I firmly believe you will make much, much more than you lose with our picks...pretty straightforward right?






  • New ????Bottom Bouncer?? stock picks that have been our most
    consistent winners for over a year now. Average gains for winners are 40% to 100%.
  • I will tell you specific entry and exit ranges so you know
    where to buy and where to sell.
    No guesswork for you.


Let??s take a quick look at some charts of recent ????Bottom Bouncer?? stock picks:









  • ????Quick Flip?? stock picks that can generate $100 to $500 profits
    for you within just a few trading days. Detailed instructions for
    each QF pick are included every time I send a new alert.

    For example, I will give detailed instructions on where to set ????buy
    orders?? and also where to set ????sell orders???Kthe stock then does the rest
    of the work for you?Kall you do is sit back and collect your profit. A really cool way to profit off of price fluctuations...and we make it easy for you to implement.

  • Groundbreaking ????Bankruptcy Billionz?? stock picks often give our
    subscribers +100% gains within just days of our alert. All you need to do
    is follow our basic instructions for the price range for buying the stock
    and the price range for selling the stock.

    2 Recent Examples:


  • Amazing ????Reverse Merger?? stock picks. These are not as frequent as the other
    types of picks but they can be wildly profitable. For example, CKXE produced
    gains of over 30,000% for people who got in early enough?K

  • If the market isn??t giving us many choices on any given week, I will send out
    a ????Watch List?? to my subscribers. This will tell them what stocks to enter?KIF
    those stocks drop to a certain price. This technique is simple to use also.

    EMAG was a stock that I placed on my watch list, here is a screenshot of the
    email I sent with the instructions on what price to buy it at (under $1). There is also a chart that shows the results paid subscribers experienced if they took my advice.





  • Sit in front on your computer all day and click refresh to watch your stocks. My strategies prevent you from having to ????babysit?? your stocks, we use a system
    that is low maintenance?K.yet highly profitable.

  • Wait, wait and wait some more for your investments to turn green. How boring is that!? Our picks usually move within 1-2 weeks of us announcing them, if not we will recommend them as a ????sell?? and move on to another pick (in most cases).

  • You will not have to rely on some goofy "full service" broker down the road who is pushing mutual funds to produce returns in the stock market for you.  Most have provided horrible returns recently, why keep messing with them?


9 More Testimonials of Successful Members of "Microcap Millionaires"





Subscribe Now To Start Receiving Our Stock Picks




If you start following Microcap Millionaires stock picks with just $200, you can turn it into $1,000 in your first month. You can then turn that $1,000 into $10,000...that $10,000 into $50,000...you get the picture!



This is the reality of compound interest and superb investing when they are paired together. If you think my math is off, please check it for yourself. You??ll see firsthand that compound interest truly is very, very powerful.


It doesn??t matter if you start investing with $100 or $10,000. The gains still add up very, very quickly.


Of course not 100% of the picks issued from our newsletter result in net gains but a high goal is still very reachable in a short period of time even when a few net losses need to absorbed.


However, if you have absolutely no tolerance for risk, this newsletter is not for you. We do not want any of our subscribers to be the type of investors who can??t handle taking a loss. It does happen often with microcap stocks. Due to their volatility, they can increase in value quickly or decrease quickly also.


We do minimize our losses, but one needs to bear this truth in mind before he or she joins our newsletter.



Have Little or No Investing Experience? No Biggie.


The Hard Work Is Already Done For You & You Can Get Started Making Huge Profits as Early As Tomorrow! (seriously)



We??ll get you on your feet in a jiffy. Seriously, it??s as simple as opening a brokerage account, sending them a check to fund your account, and clicking the ????buy?? and ????sell?? buttons within your brokerage account for individual stocks that you will be trading.


If we went to a local high school and pulled 10 eight grade students aside and showed them how to follow the Microcap Millionaires stock recommendations, I highly doubt we??d encounter many students who wouldn??t be able to follow along.


It??s just that simple.



Don't Have Time To "Baby-Sit" Your Stocks In Front Of a Computer For Hours Upon Hours Every Day?


No Problem...


Our stock picks usually take 1-5 days to fully develop. You can place your stock "buy" and "sell" orders before the market opens in the morning and still reap the benefits of our red hot microcap stock picks.


It only takes about 2 minutes to log in to your trading account and place a buy or sell order for a stock, so a lot of people are able to do this before they leave for work in the morning, at lunch break, etc.


There is a minor trick involved to ensure that you maximize your profits on pre-market orders & we'll give you the scoop so you don't waste any of your capital.



Can a "Regular Joe" Really Make a Lot of Money As a Microcap Millionaire Member?



In short, Heck Yes! I a "Regular Joe"!


I want to emphasize something here...


If you met me in person, you wouldn't immediately think that I am the "Wall Street" type. I don't dress up in snazzy suits every day and I don't drink wine and eat caviar for lunch. The status quo "Wall Street Big-Shot" persona just isn't something I strive for.


My focus is making our members tons of money on great microcap stock picks!


The fact of the matter is that I am an average guy from ordinary background. My  background keep me more "down to earth" and enables me to communicate better with our members. Anyone can follow my recommendations--no matter who you are or where you come from.


To put it simply, if you can follow our stock picks, it's basically like someone handing you a fat bag of cash everyday the market is open...(check out the guy to the right --->)



Ok Ok...So How Much Is This "Membership" gonna cost you?



We're offering a monthly membership for just $49 opposed to the previous offer of $199 a month. We figured that more people will be able to afford the membership at this price level & we like the idea of helping people on a tight budget successful in the stock market.


Now is the time to join. Our membership slots are being filled quickly and the number of available memberships is updated daily within our database. Your hesitation on this offer may lead to you missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity....no kidding.


 I think the best way to look at the $49 join fee is like this:


  • You pay $49 to join MM.

  • You buy one of our stock picks with $250

  • 5 days later, you sell that stock for a 100% profit or $500

  • Subtract the $49 fee from the $250 proft....

And what do you get? Well $250 - $49 is $201....


So---really... you made money by becoming a paid member to MM. (kinda the point right? heh)


Turning $49 into $201 = +300% ROI (Return On Investment)


Of course this is a small scale, and I know some people can invest over $1,000 on each stock pick...but I just wanted to bring this point home for those of you who may be starting on a "shoestring".  :-)



Let Me Abundantly Clear On Something Here...



If the thought of very aggressive investing excites you, you will absolutley love this newsletter. No question about it. We're talking routine trades with gains of around 50% to 200%. You will also have to take the occasional loss & be able to push the "sell" button while a stock is in the red to prevent further losses.


Now, on the other hand, if the cost of $49 a month to subscribe makes you nervous & you'd rather invest in Wal-Mart type stocks and hope for a 20% gain in the next year or two, this isn't for you. I really don't mean that in any sort of derogatory way, either. Some people have tolerance for risk & some don't.


Have a question not addressed here? Take a look at our FAQ page.


So Now That You See The Possibilities That Await You (making a lot of dough from our stock picks)...What You Would Do Differently If You Were Rich?
(or at least rich--er than you are now)


Would You Like to:


Quit Your Job?
Allow Your Spouse to Quit Their Job and Stay Home?

Buy a New Car With... CASH?

Do The Things You Love More Often? (i.e. golf, travel, watch the tube)

Take as many vacations as you want?

Help Struggling Friends/Family Through Tough Times?

Spend More Time w/Family?

Pay Off ALL of Your Debts?

Get in shape at the gym?

Enjoy life much, much more?


Other ____________________




Let's Take Another Quick Look of Exactly What You'll Get As a MM member:


  • "Bankruptcy Billionz" stock picks that typically go up 50% to 250% (yes, really!) I know it sounds crazy...but stocks that have filed bankruptcy or are on the verge of it can make you a ton of money...IF they are traded the correct way of course. That's where we come in. I will give you specific instructions. When to buy, and when to sell. (some charts of these picks are above)

  • 1 weekly stock to use for our almost-patented "Quick Flip" Method which can easily give you $300 profits in 60 minutes or less.

  • Amazing ????Reverse Merger?? stock picks. These are not as frequent as the other
    types of picks but they can be wildly profitable. For example, CKXE produced
    gains of over 30,000% for people who got in early enough !!

  • "Sleeper Stock Alerts", which are stocks that have fallen like a rock down to prices beneath one penny per share. These beaten and battered stocks offer a 200% to 2000% opportunity for profits in just one day after the bleeding has stopped...MM members are advised when to buy these diamonds in the rough & at what price to buy. All it takes is a little buying power & just a little patience.

    Update on Sleeper Stocks: Take a gander at our one of our recent success stories, IMEN. Our members got shares at .0004 in early March. Later that month, IMEN skyrocketed to .015. A sweet 2000% gain! Admittedly, most members sold at about a 900% profit...but still! Wow!

  • "Bottom Bouncer Picks", one word... WOW! These typically are stocks that have become oversold for a variety of reasons and are due for a big time bounce of 50% to 250%...Bottom Bouncer charts are above also if you wanna take another look.

  • 1 on 1 email support. Yes, we actually answer our emails. No kidding. Usually within 1-2 hours on most days. No more banging your fists on the keyboard waiting for answers to your questions!  ;-)

  • Video Analysis & Commentary of any topic or stock that needs to be discussed. Sometimes reading a bunch a text just gets old, doesn't it?

Do Not Fear "Information Overload" !

One of the most frustrating things for me to hear is when someone quits a new venture only because they were overloaded with information. While trying to take things one step at a time, someone who is teaching them bombards them with way too much stuff.


I don't do that. I will never expect you to juggle 10 stock picks at a time and expect you to make a profit off of each pick. I never have more than 3 or 4 stock picks out at any given time.


*Woops! I Just Checked Our Paid Membership Rolls & We Have Nearly Reached Full Capacity...


Let me stop here for a second. I want to level with you about something. Some other investing newsletters will try to make you think that their "offer" is only limited to a certain number of customers...


But they are only using this type of mantra to get you buy out of a sense of panic. They are not truly limiting their offer to "X" amount of customers. We are NOT engaging in this type of downright shadiness.


We are truly limiting the amount of subscribers to our "inner circle" of paid members for 2 well-intentioned primary reasons:


1) We are a small team. Great customer support, answering emails lightning fast etc. is something we take great pride in. We've just seen way too many people who are disgruntled former members of other newsletters who never got that good ol' TLC they needed to become successful investors.


We do not want to become some apathetic group of punks that don't care about their subscribers. To ensure that we can always give great customer support (even on nights and weekends!), we do have to limit the availability of paid memberships.


2) (Super Important!) Microcap stock prices can easily manipulated by large groups of investors buying at the same time. This would represent price change in stocks we recommend that would be inconsistent with the reasons we believe are going to cause a rise in any stock's price.


Would you want to buy a stock only because other people that belong to the same newsletter as you are buying it? Probably not. You want to invest and trade stocks that are going to move upward regardless of what any one group of people are doing with that particular stock.


By keeping our list of subscribers small, we can be sure that our subscribers are not simply buying and selling shares to each other...which would surely end up on a sour note at the end of the day.


....So with that in mind, the number of paid subscribers we are accepting will not, shall not and can not exceed the total number of 400 subscribers.


As of right now, the doors are still open...but depending on when you are reading this, the number of paid subscribers may be reaching no. 395, no. 396, no. 397...


You get the picture...time is of the essence (tick-tock, tick-tock) here...


Once that magical subscriber # 400 has processed their credit card payment, this offer no longer stands. The padlock will be secured and no one will answer the door...


Can't put it to you any more straightforward than that. My absolute highest recommendation to you is take action (like right now) and join up as a paid subscriber immediately...



Our 100% Profit-Locking, Money-Back Guarantee:



If You Don??t See Significant Profits In Your Trading Account Within The First 30 Days of Joining The Microcap Millionaires Newsletter, Simply Ask For a Full & Unconditional Refund.


How??s that for a fair refund policy? You won??t find another one like it anywhere else.


As a matter of fact, you can cancel at any time & receive a refund for your most recent monthly subscription fee. It doesn't matter if you have been a member for 2 months or 20 months, our refund/cancellation policy is rock solid.


Opportunity knocks?K


Will you open the door ?




Click Here To Join




Your friends in profits,

Matt Morris & Co.


No Corny Bonus Offer: Sorry but I don't need to try to entice you to join with some unneeded "Bonus". What is offered is well worth $49 a month....without some hyped up bonus offer!


P.S. Yes this really can work for you....even if you are pretty much "clueless" about the stock market!  :-)



Don't want to become a paid subscriber just yet? Sign up below to receive 2 free stock picks to see for yourself how profitable it is to become a member.








Contact Me (Matt) at Microcapmillionaires @ Gmail.com w/any questions!


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