I struggled for years, beat my head against my desk and lost thousands of dollars trying to master the Forex market with my ????gut feelings?? and my instincts until?K


????Finally: The Leader in Automated Forex Trading - Discover How to Effortlessly Generate As Much As 148 Pips ($1480) Each Day On Autopilot??

And You Will Be Shocked When You Find Out How Easy It Is...


From the desk of: Tom Geller
Team Lead of The Pips Leader team.

Dear Fellow Trader,

You might tell me that I??m bragging, but after I spent years losing money in the Forex market I think I have earned the right to be just a little cocky.


Because I??m not losing money anymore!

In fact, I made in five figures trading the Forex market last month alone and I only 'work' about 10 minutes a day.

But I wasn??t always this lucky...

For the first few years I traded in the Forex market I wasted hours upon hours every week trying to decode the technical details like the Relative Strength Index, Fibonacci and Stochastics.

I would nervously select my trades and question every move that I made. I was killing myself trying to win in the Forex market, but no matter what I did I couldn??t keep myself from losing.


I Stumbled Upon A Top-Secret System That Allowed Me To Rake In Cash Like I Was Cheating!

It was amazing how much my attitude about Forex trading changed when I found the secret that allowed me to:

      Manage all my trades in only 10 minutes a day?K

      Without any worry or doubt?K

      With only $300 in start-up capital?K

      Without having to understand all the tedious and useless Forex technical details?K

      With complete and utter confidence?K

      And earn as much as $1500 every single day?K

      Consistently for more than 2 years!

With this system I was able to stop killing myself trying to make a dime in the Forex market. I was able to actually start making money, BIG MONEY?Kwithout fail, every single month.

I even quit my day job and bought a bigger house!


I??ve Never Spent More Than Just A Few Minutes Each Day to See These Monster Profits!

Before I found this secret I would waste at least 2 hours each day reading about the markets, checking my trades and researching my next one.

The more I learned, the more I questioned every move that I made. The more I studied different methods and techniques, then more bad decisions I made. Then...


I Started to Feel like I Was Becoming A Slave to the Forex Market instead of It Working For Me!

I was losing money, I was spending more and more of my time staring at the computer screen, and I was to the point where I was just about to give up.

But now, with this new, revolutionary system I am able to make guaranteed profits every week?K and I only work about 1 hour a week (just a couple of minutes a day).

It is simply the easiest and most powerful way to trade in the Forex market, and to me?K it is the ONLY way to trade.



In The Forex Market YOU Are Your Biggest Enemy

I wish that someone would have explained this to me a long time ago, but the Forex market can be the most profitable way to trade?K as long as you have the right system.

You see, there are so many different losing methods out there, so much worthless technical information and so much unimportant detail that it is easy to get lost.

You will end up second guessing your choices, you will try and rely on your ????gut feeling?? and you will make bad choices without knowing.

BUT?K when you remove the human element and just follow a set, WINNING system then the profits will start to roll in. 

I just wish that someone would have told me years ago that you don??t have to spend all your free time researching and studying, monitoring and analyzing?K all of that is really a waste of time.

And because I wish that someone would have spared me the heartache and the headache of years of losing, I have decided to share what I discovered with you.

It??s time for you to throw out all those ????experts?? advice, quit killing yourself to make a dime, and discover a simple and easy to way to automate your Forex trades.

I know that once I did that the money starting rolling in like a tidal wave!

Now it??s Time for You to Really Pay Attention?K Why?


Because I Am Going To Reveal My Top-Secret System That Turns the Forex Market into a Virtual Cash Machine

I tried it all?K I studied every book and read every guide. But the more I learned the less profits I seemed to make.

I actually thought that all my hard work was going to pay off... but it never did!

I didn??t start making big profits until I found a system that allowed me to quit relying on my instincts and start relying on scientific formulas. I tested and tweaked the system for months until I could accurately predict how the markets would perform...

Then finally, I put together the system into a completely automated software. And now my trades are 100% automated and I manage them all in about 10 minutes a day.

It took me years before I found this system that allowed me to become a success, but today I am going to give you the chance to jump straight to the profits that you deserve.

I want to introduce you to the powerful software which I call as the Pips Leader:

You are going to have all your trades 100% automated!

The Pips Leader is forex trading robot  that will choose and make trades for you. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes to install it, then that's it. Watch it in action raking in profits for you.

You are going to get a system with very high winning percentage!

Let face this! No system can guarantee 100% winning trades. My system is no exception. But I can guarantee with you, with my advanced money management strategies integrated inside, my battle-tested software can ensure a crazy winning percentage of 74-91%. And like that, you will always come out as a winner in forex trading. And I meant, BIG WINNER!

No other system on the market today can make this claim because no other system can guarantee you this astounding level of success!

You can get started with a couple hundred dollars!

No need to break the bank with The Pips Leader because you can get started with a minimal investment. Watch as $300 becomes $3000 right before your eyes!

It's so simple. You can get started tomorrow?K and you can see your bank account grows in the next few weeks!

There is no technical jargon that you have to learn, there are no methods or trading knowledge/experience that you need.

If you can follow a few simple installation directions then you can start seeing MAJOR profits in no time!


You can use it anywhere at anytime...You don't have to think or make any nervous decisions...No Stress!

And the best part, you can test it out on demo account immediately after downloading...Absolutely risk-free!



You can leave all the doubt, worry and confusion at the door!

I used to lose sleep and agonize over every little trade that I made. I used to try and follow my instincts?K and I used to lose a lot of money. Quit killing yourself and discover The Pips Leader??s winning formulas for guaranteed and consistent profits.

When you remove the human element that has been losing you money, then all you are left with is results!

Are you still a little unsure? Still just a little skeptical that The Pips Leader software can turn one small investment into a second income in only 5-10 minutes to monitor a day?

Give Me 1 Minute And I Will Prove To You How Effective The Pips Leader Really Is!

Yes, as you can see from the above proof, it is obvious to see how effective my system is. I mean, check out the profits it made!

So now...

You Have To See For Yourself
How the Pips Leader REALLY Works

You have seen the screenshots and you have seen the proof, but until you actually see it work for yourself you aren??t going to be a true believer. I know that and so do you.

That is why I want you to do something that is a little different than what you probably used it.

I want you to see with your own eyes the kind of money that you are going to make with The Pips Leader.

Here is what you are going to do?K You are going to download The Pips Leader today and start using it immediately. And you are going to be able to do this in just a couple of minutes ?V regardless of your experience level.

If you want to play safe, set up a demo account and put my system through its paces... or, if you can spare some cash, start trading with $200.

I want you to know and understand how The Pips Leader is going to make you thousands of dollars. Why?

Because I know that unless you feel 100% confident in my system then your doubt, your worry and your fear are going to get the best of you?K and there is no scientific formula that will help you with that.

So, what I really want is you can feel comfortable seeing for yourself the profits that you are going to pull with The Pips Leader... And that will come very soon.

Click here for a risk-free trial of the Pips Leader...


Making Profits Is So Easy with 'The Pips Leader'

Just 3 simple steps:

Watch the below video to see how easy it is to install and run 'The Pips Leader':

[The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.]



Are You Ready To Watch Your $300 Investment Turn Into $3000 Right Before Your Eyes?

I used to be just like you?K I wanted to make money in the Forex market but I just didn??t have the right tools to make it happen.

I wasted weeks of my time, I wasted thousands of dollars of my own money and I probably knocked several years off my life with the stress and the anguish that I put myself through.

But now?K well, now I see things from a whole new light. My attitude about Forex trading has changed completely and I have the bank account to prove it.

I turned my small investment into a steady and massive income with one simple system that gave me more freedom and success that I ever thought was possible.

And now I am offering you the exact same chance to do the exact same thing.

Click here for a risk-free trial of the Pips Leader...

But, Wait, I Limit My Service to Only 600 People...

I am sure that you want to know one very important thing?K you want to know how much I am going to charge you for The Pips Leader.

And I have to tell you, it??s not going to be cheap because I don??t want just anyone signing up for this complete service.

Let me ask you: How much is potentially generating thousands a week on autopilot worth to you?

The truth is that The Pips Leader could help you make more than thousands a week over and over...

So, in many ways, it's priceless. It is not hard for me to charge you 597$ or even 1997$ for a software like this. But I am not going to do that...

I am going to charge you an introductory price of $87 dollars for The Pips Leader software today, but for that price you are going to get so much more than a system.

You see, with The Pips Leader I??m not just going to give you the software and say, ????good luck!??. I actually stay with you, month after month, giving you support and important updates.

I can ensure that you will be successful because I am going to help you from start to riches!

But because of this, I have to limit The Pips Leader to only 600 people because this is the amount of people that my team and I can handle.

Once this quota is filled then the offer goes away until there is another opening (and once people join they RARELY leave).

If you are here on this website, right now, and the sign-up button is still active, then I suggest that you sign-up now because I cannot guarantee that it will stay active for much longer.

Really, you have nothing to lose right now because I have taken away all your risk!


  I'm So Confident... You'll Get My
Risk-Free 200% Money-Back Promise...

This is my guarantee to you. When you download The Pips Leader today you are going to receive a 60-day trial that allows you to order today and make your mind up later.

If you order today and find out that The Pips Leader isn??t for you, all you have to do is let me know and I will instantly refund the full price of your sale.

I??m going to give you 2 months to make that decision. I know how much money can be made with this amazing system and I know how amazing the results really are.

But the only way you are going to believe me is if you start making the money that you deserve for yourself.

So order right now and become a believer?K if The Pips Leader doesn??t give you everything that I have promised (and more) then all you have to do is let me know and you will have your order price refunded directly to you.

Click here to get started...



You really have nothing to lose because I am accepting all the risk. It??s a test-drive for your future and your success that you really can??t turn down.

Order right now and accept my challenge to make your fortune in the Forex market just like I did!



YES! I'm Ready to Make Decent Money From The Forex Market With This Effective Autopilot Software.

Yes! I Want To Download This System At a Ridiculously Low Price of $597 $87 for the first 600 people.

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful software now before it's too late...

SALE Only $87 Only For the First 600.

Only 420 120 30 Licenses Available Now!

Get "Pips Leader" at Only 87$ Right Now!

Download: "Pips Leader" Software
(Limit 600 People) - $87

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

I can get started now and make profit from now if I use the system properly, and this is backed by a full 60 days 200% money-back guarantee- if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time, I'll get all my money back from you, Tom! No need to ask question!

Click here to reserve a spot Right Now



To your trading success,

Tom Geller,

P.S. What is the chance to turn a few hundred dollars into thousands worth to you? What is the chance to bring in a steady extra income, or quit your boring 9 to 5 job worth to you? What is your financial security and your freedom worth?

Can you really put a price tag on all of that? Order The Pips Leader today and let me show you the simply way to make all of this a reality.

P.P.S. I am only allowing the first 600 people to join because I offer continued support, and anymore than 600 people will cause the quality and reliability of that service to diminish. In order for me to guarantee your success, I have to limit this system.

Don??t procrastinate and let The Pips Leader and this amazing opportunity pass you by?K order now and let me help you build the life and the bank account that you deserve!

I hope that you now realize the exciting opportunity in front of you. I??ve taken ALL the risk away from you so there is absolutely no reason not to look at a way of making money that could change your trading forever.

But I also need to repeat that I cannot keep this offer open for too long. There are only 600 licenses going to be released this time...You need to take action right now to reserve your very own copy of The Pips Leader software AND additional bonuses.

Yes, I decided to make you happier with the deal. So if you order today, you'll receive the following fast action bonus for free of charge.


Fast Action Bonus: The Forex Prophecy software (Value 147$)

This amazing bonus is an amazing complement to The Pips Leader software. It works on any pair, any timeframe. It automatically analyzes trading signals for you and alerts you immediately whenever it spots a highly profitable trading signal.

But you need to act fast, because after the 600th purchase, I'll pull The Pips Leader off the market.

Claim your license now... 




YES! I'm Ready to Make Decent Money From The Forex Market With This Effective Autopilot Software.

Yes! I Want To Download This System At a Ridiculously Low Price of $597 $87 for the first 600 people.

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful software now before it's too late...

SALE Only $87 Only For the First 600.

Only 420 120 30 Licenses Available Now!

Get "Pips Leader" at Only 87$ Now!

Download: "Pips Leader" Software
(Limit 600 People) - $87

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

I can get started now and make profit from now if I use the system properly, and this is backed by a full 60 days 200% money-back guarantee- if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time, I'll get all my money back from you, Tom! No need to ask question!

Click here to reserve a spot Right Now


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