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PrivacyControl Delete All Traces of Computer & Internet Activity from your PC.
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Because Privacy Should Never Be Compromised...

What happens to an email when you delete it? Where does a file go after you put it in the trash? Unfortunately, these things don't really disappear completely. In fact, every single thing you do on your computer leaves footprints ? footprints that anyone with access to your PC can take a peek at.:

Did You Know:

Every move you make on your computer, including all of your email and Internet activity, is being recorded whether you realize it or not.
If someone else has access to the computer you use, such as a friend, a boss, a co-worker or a spouse, they can see every single thing you?ve done on that computer and they don?t even have to know much about technology to accomplish such a feat. By simply using one of many common software applications available online, almost anyone can retrace every computer move you?ve ever made.
Without our privacy software, a person can look at every single website you?ve ever visited, every email you?ve ever sent or received, and every movie or music file you?ve ever watched or downloaded.
Do you really want someone knowing every single thing you?ve ever done on your computer? If you don?t take measures to protect yourself, that?s exactly what can happen. However, our Privacy Control Software can provide you with the protection and privacy you deserve.
When you run our software, it will scan your entire computer and will show you all of the emails, chat logs, Internet histories, audio and video files, deleted files, search histories, clipboard data, cookies, password files, image files and other information you probably never even realized was on your hard drive.

Better yet, once you?ve seen all the privacy-invading footprints stored on your system, our software will enable you to erase them from your hard drive forever and then not only will your privacy be protected, but your computer will run better as well.

Why Should I Use PrivacyControl?

Because everyone's computer has a story to tell. Some people have faced serious consequences due to the inform found on their hard drive. People have faced divorce, loss of custody, and even jail time because of the things their computers have said about them.

Even if you have nothing to hide, do you really think someone has the right to know about everything you do on your computer? Is it really any of their business?

The only way to ensure your privacy is to use the innovative technology of PrivacyControl.

Does PrivacyControl Support My Browser?
Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, or Netscape, you will be able to benefit from the features and protection offered by PrivacyControl.

Can't I just delete the files myself?
You could search your computer for days and still not find all the files our software finds in a 5 minute automatic scan. Plus,even if you could delete everything manually, someone would easily be able bring it back with a simple file restoration program. If you really want to protect the privacy of your computer activities, you need PrivacyControl.

How easy is it to use PrivacyControl?
It is very easy to use PrivacyControl. PrivacyControl was designed with the end-user in mind. We have implemented a streamlined and user-friendly interface that makes operation of PrivacyControl easy for even the most novice computer users.

I scanned my hard drive with your program and it found a bunch of things I need to get rid of. How do I do it?
Simply register for PrivacyControl and you?ll be able to use the program to get rid of any files you need to destroy. You can Register here.

Do I have to pay for PrivacyControl each time I use it?
Absolutely not. The only fee you will ever have to pay is the one-time registration fee, which grants you unlimited use of the PrivacyControl software.

How do I know PrivacyControl really works?
PrivacyControl meets the standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense for disk sanitization. If our technology is good enough to get rid of sensitive information for the Department of Defense, you can be sure it?ll get rid of everything you need it

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