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     BRIAN SCHIFF, PT, CSCS graduated from The Ohio State

     University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree of Physical Therapy in

     Allied Health Professions. Since then, he has practiced as a licensed physical

     therapist specializing in sports medicine.  Through the National Strength and

     Conditioning Association, Brian became a certified strength and conditioning

     specialist (CSCS) in 1998.


     He is a contributing author for PTontheNet and expert author for Ezinearticles.com

     and recently contributed a chapter on periodization to a fitness book entitled

     The Power of Champions. Schiff also co-authored a breakthrough manual on

     ACL injury prevention entitled Protecting the Athlete’s Knee and contributed 

     three chapters in a much awaited golf conditioning e-book entitled Fitness

     Secrets of Championship Golfers. 


     Currently, he owns Fitness Edge, a private fitness studio specializing in personal

     fitness and sport specific training programs for athletes of all sports and ages.  In

     addition, Brian recently served as the clinic director for an outpatient therapy clinic

     in New Albany, OH from May 2006 to December 2007.


     Brian served as the strength and conditioning coach for The Columbus Crew Major

     League Soccer Team from 2002 - 2006.  He has presented at professional conferences and

     coaches?clinics on topics including training for shoulder stability, baseball specific

     training, soccer specific conditioning and sport specific training, safe shoulder training,

     ACL injury prevention, functional golf training and training the low back.





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