Our Repair Database includes over 11,348 Programs from 6,232 publishers and can repair more than 60,000 commonly occurring Windows errors..

  XP Repair Pro 4.0 is designed to specifically target 11 areas of Windows that cause most software related system problems, as well as problems that cause your PC to act sluggish. This makes XP Repair Pro a one of a kind system utility, and no other repair tool operates as efficiently, and thoroughly.

Other Features:
  • Advanced Technologies:   XP Repair Pro is constantly evolving. New errors and scan capabilities are added to the database every day, and program updates are typically released every other week. Built and developed by top developers who have worked for years to bring this technology to consumers.

  • Automatic Updates:   Automatic Updates ensures that you have the most recent updates to all aspects of the XP Repair Pro software.

  • User Friendly Interface:   Whether you are new to computers, or a veteran, XP Repair Pro is designed to allow all types of users to interact, diagnose and repair their own system problems, and increase system performance with no hardware upgrades needed.

  • Over 2,710,000 Downloads: With over 2.7 million downloads in less than three years (Since Tracked in 10/2005), XP Repair Pro is becoming one of the most popular Windows utilities on the market. Just look what CNET (Download.com) has to say about our company, and products.

    • "DDXSoftware is a producer of a popular system scanner, repair tool, and registry optimizer. Highly rated and always
      a provider of very good software. XP Repair Pro is definitely on the top 20 must have products for Windows users."

      CNET (Download.com)

Other Download Sites

 Many popular sites host our latest versions. We have also included the links to unbiased reviews of XP Repair Pro

Performance Awards

 XP Repair Pro has had over 2.71 million downloads in less than three years, and has quickly become one of the most popular system utilities on the market today.

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